Thursday, August 7, 2008

Found out that

Posted by Janet Tiong at 8:56 PM

Come and take a closer look guys...
I.A cross
II.A hidden mickey head..

The closest u guys see a cross?Amazing right??Well,yesterday morning Me,Mei Mei and other Mass Comm students were having breakfast at cafeteria.Mei Mei was drinking ice Teh-O.Suddenly,she noticed the cross on the ice in her drinks..SO AMAZING...haha

Bought this favourite shoes two days ago....half transparent


Its HURTS my leg...

Honestly,that's the price i have to pay for wearing that pair of pretty shoes.But still,im in fashion addictions.From past to today.Haha.Really crazy with shoes and clothes.Don't make assumptions too fast that im a shallow person..No not.Im knowledgeable but not as smart as genius,know how to express my emotions in an appropriate manner.That shud be what a girl shud have rite?

One guy saw me wearing that pair of shoes with the plaster this morning.He said:"Girls really
have to pay for being pretty".Its true.There are many girls out there starve themselves for a nice body figure and they resist good food.Im not as serious as they are.Still enjoying eating out nice food with friends.

my recent Fav:fruit cocktail is what they called it...

Okay i better continue to get my work done.

Me being vain again?

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