Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kampung Girls in Big City Pt.2

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At night,we just walked on the Bukit Bintang Walkway.
It was so happening.
Guess what we saw?

Very Punky right?and he held a scorpion on his hand.
I guess that is his pet.I didn't dare to go near him like
the guy in the photo.He is so daring.

Silver man.You need to pay RM2 to get a photo with them.
They are really friendly and we did pay RM2 to do that.
I think it worths cause I am really amazed by their effort in
dressing up themselves with glittering paint.
I think its really harsh to their skin.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Not much of special food we tried in KL.Too busy indulged ourselves in
shopping spree but not eating spree.But this particular dining place is really nice.
The Spaghetti Farm.No service charge for food.
Service ambience is good.

Nice one.My tomato and beef spaghetti.The serving portion is huge and it comes
with a big bowl of soup.
Maybe from the photo u can't jugde how big it is.
Fyi,the bowl is deep.
I like it cause its simple and taste good to me.The price is affordable too.
Location:Lot 49-50,LG Floor,Mid Valley Megamall.
Especially recommended to East Malaysians cause I am sure
West Malaysians are familiar with it.
So do check out their menu,if you happen to be in Mid Valley.

No need to say,Jln Alor is a must visit place in Bukit Bintang.

People mountain,people sea.Why?All food.Cheap local delicacies.

Went to school today and saw lotsa lotsa new faces.
How come I never see them before.
I started to feel what the seniors have experienced before.
My friends circle started to get smaller.
Finally,I MISS my Englishman.He is leaving me for ten days.
Let's see how tomorrow is :p

Friday, July 23, 2010


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kampung Girls in Big City Pt.1(edited)

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Before this,I cut my hair again.This time it costed me RM5 only.

It is a 5D4N trip.Basically,its a shopping trip.
Not much pictures as we are not going to sightseeing.

Behind us is the LV building.

One of my fav pic.
This is in front of the Pavilion fountain.It changes colours.

It just happened that there was a National Geographic Exhibition in one shopping mall.
And there were props with different theme setting.
So we took time to take photo with'em.
The above is a beautiful sunset in SA jungle.

With the camel

In the jungle.I think the trees are called "bread trees"in mandarin.

I think its just recently the KTM provide this kind of service to female.
I think its really ideal and makes female feel safe and comfortable when taking
the KTM.But one thing I dont understand is that some guys still enter the coach
and ended up the being called out from the coach by the policeman.
I bet those guys sendiri cari masalah.
The sign is so big and impossible they couldnt
see it.

Do you see Zara?Its on sale.Too bad I don't have enough cash
but I manage to buy one the first Zara shirt in my life.
Besides,the street is always full of people
and taxi.This holiday there are many angmos in Bukit Bintang.
I think they are also having summer holiday like me.

As we all know can can hat is one of the trendy items in this season.
This hat is not mine but my housemate one.I chose this for her.
Now I am a bit regret for not buying one.
Its cheaper compare to the one I found in Miri.

On the flight on the way back.Kinda reluctant.
Until today I would still recall back the trip and the feeling of staying in a big city and being treated as tourist.The city is so lively.
Next time when I go back,I want to go back with my love one.[Dear,you hear me?]
Note:I just love travelling.

p/s:There will be pt.2 so stay tune.Its hard to upload photos to Blogger nowadays.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ding Dong!!

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  • After a long week of holiday,I am recharged.
  • The little miss J is coming back to the blog again.
  • Coming up will be the updates of my trip.
  • I bought 13 pieces of clothes,3 bags,2 pairs of shoes.
  • I think the shopping is not enough tho *greedy face*
  • And I want to thank God for the result.
  • I officially announced that I can proceed to the next sem.
  • Got sting by a big black bee on my arm and now its swollen :(
=Till then=

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Her Words

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  1. She knows the limit and she knows when to not cross the boundary ---> [thgiew].Its time to stop.
  2. She has found her soul mate but now she needs BFFs.
  3. She needs many many lucks in her life.
  4. 想做个白皙美人。

Friday, July 9, 2010

Down in the valley.

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SUPER DUPER down today.
Too many regrets.
Sigh Sigh Sigh Sigh.....................
Things just stucked in my heart.
I don't know how to pour it out.
Anyway,I dragged myself here.
Seems like this blog has become a regular place to pour everything out.
Yeah,you may say this is a blog and everyone sees!
But I don't care.I am living in this world of mine.
I can cheat myself that this blog can actually become a physical.
btw,its not a relationship problem.
I am doing good with my friends,my family,and my boy.
I am "bu suang" with myself only.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My New Baby

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Yay!I got my new specs finally!!
Just in case if you don't know,in the previous post I had mentioned about the broken specs.
So last night,my mum brought me to the optician to choose a new frame.
I was struggling between this frame(refer to the below pic) and a fancy one which is a red frame and with white colour plus red loves at the side.
In the end,instead of a fancy one I chose the more mature one.
The reason is because I feel that I am a lil too old to go for fancy one.haha.

Me with the specs.This is the real me.I know I don't look good cause I don't have a pair of big eyes.I still prefer to wear contacts actually.But in order to protect my eyes,I choose to wear specs at home.(Ignore my chubby face,gained so much weight within these two months)

Very nerdy right?I am going to be a nerd start from today.^^

The front view

The side view

p/s:This post is specially dedicated to my dear as requested by him too...

With love,
The Lil Miss J

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep4

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星期六Party Night。



Monday, July 5, 2010


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Nie 堂姐,你的品味好好哦~




Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out of the Blue

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Second post for today.The first post actually is a rewrite version.I just don't know what happen to the pictures that I have uploaded.Guess it should be something wrong with the HTML code.Lazy to figure out the main reasons behind it and thus I chose to rewrite it again.

Its July already.Ain't it fast?When I just stepped into the first day of the month,friends around me were in the middle facing some personal problems which I feel sorry for them when I heard about the news.I would not dare to say these problems will not come to me one day,even if it is not these problems,there will always be others.So I keep reminding myself to get ready to face the roller coaster like life.

Last night I was on the phone with my boy after I came back from a small classmates gathering.I have so much to tell him and ended up I talked on the phone nonstop for like 17mins and him watching World Cup at the same time.He didn't make much response but I feel better after I poured out all my thoughts to him.Its funny that my classmates thought he is a doctor.Oh well..haha.Going overseas to study has always been my dream but too bad the family condition didn't allow me to do so and blame myself for not studying hard to grab any opportunity to go study overseas.Sometimes,I do envy my classmates for most of them went to England to further their studies after Form 5.


Out of all these,my boy gave me a conclusion.Your mc is probably coming soon.So your mood swing.

Fashionista Love-Ep3

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*Edited version

Clogs-whether you like it or not,it is becoming fashionable again.We have caught a glimpse of clogs on the runway of Chanel Spring/Summer 2010.Also,Alexa Chung the fashion model,was featured on Vogue mag wearing a pair of clogs.

Fury clogs from Miu Miu

Many of you may ask how to wear it?

via Lookbook

via Lookbook

Clogs can go with casual dress,ankle socks,over-knee socks,or even boyfriend jeans.Do not wear too much accessories on yourself.You may choose to carry a bag which comes in vibrant colors to spice up your look.

Would you want to buy one?

Well,some people may look at it as an ugly and not wearable fashion item.
Personally,I may give it a try.
Have been eyeing a pair and the material used is quite comfy despite the price is a lil bit high.
I suggest you could get yourself a pair to add into your wardrobe collection,not necessary an expensive one =)

p/s:I may not be skilful at writing fashion post.But i hope it is informative for you all.


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