Monday, December 29, 2008

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  1. 122408..the most magical day in my life ..and officially announcing the six days journey of ours in Sibu.
  2. Start working on 1-1-2009
  3. Just cut my hair today
  4. I miss my man
  5. I am looking forward to Chinese New Year
  6. Christmas celebration,Parkson,flood,McD,Yes Man,Waterfront= sweet memories

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice

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Happy Winter Solstice!!And that was yesterday..
Thank God this year I had the chance to spend the whole day with my family to celebrate.
Five families gathered at my grandparents wooden house.Packed.
Only one family which is my Uncle's family who stay in Miri could not join us.If not,it will be totally a family reunion.

Some photos to be shared with you all.Hope you enjoy..

Long waiting for this dish..

While waiting for the adults to prepare the dinner,I had a little photo taking session with some of my small cousins in the family.

Oops..a bit blur..

Sexy back & Nice hair.Wad do you think?

The lil one is not focusing.Funny..

Mummy said she looked like hugging grandchildren here..wuwu..LoL.
Mummy, I am not that fast k..haha

So so cute...That is the bear that me n my couzie bought for her..

Finally,part of the food....dun drool!!This is table 2.

Just part of the food,by the time all the food is served on the table.Everyone rushed to the dining table.So I dont have enough time to snap pictures.Haha.Hungry people....

Table 1

Kids gathering in front of the TV..dining time n laughters...
Till then.
That's all.

YinG YinG

My church

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Guess where I am??
Haha..recently during Koh Wei's visit to Sibu,i brought her to see christmas tree.
There are altogether 8-10 christmas trees at Sibu Town Square and each has different themes.

Me with one of the Christmas tree

Koh Wei said this one is nice~

Which i think special~

Even Christmas tree can go green also

The idea that comes out from the SMC (Sibu Municipal Council)really not bad.At least tourists and Sibu citizens have a place to hang out during Christmas and a spot for photo taking.That night me n Koh Wei had to aware that we won't block anyone who was taking pic around that area.

The number of cars are getting more in Sibu.Only during festive seasons which are Christmas,Chinese New Year,and Qing Ming Jie.I had to be really careful while driving..*sweat*

Now,introducing my church~~

This is the church where I would go every Sunday~Chiing Ing Methodist Church

Deco for Christmas

The inside of the church..

On 25th of Dec morning,I will be attending Christmas celebration here..
Look forward to it~Wuhoo!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all:
  1. those who are on my blog list
  2. those who pass by my blog
  3. to you..who is reading my blog now

Indeed in Sibu,there is no white christmas but a rainy christmas.....I start to miss sunshine in Sibu...Hopefully on the Christmas the rain would stop...

I will be in Sibu.So who happens to come to Sibu for Christmas feel free to find me ^^..Isn't it nice to share the joy of this festive season together?Haha...

Finally,Happy Birthday Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A lil' Updates

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Some pics of me..unless you feel bored looking at me then you may skip this part..lazy to edit the photos too..i apologize for the inconvenient...

Didi and me (outside Spring)

My elder bro >>Jacky..Woo!

In Damai enjoying...

This holiday is gonna be a very long holiday. Just finished my trip in Kuching. Managed to do a little shopping in The Spring on the first night.MNG is on sale during my second visit to The Spring but I didnt manage to grab myself something ...there will be another next time..haha

I can't wait to start school and when school reopened I can't wait for holiday.Weird thinking..

When I was typing this post,my dear is having his OT in the office..(wish i could go to his office and wait for him..)

What am i going to accomplish for this holiday..seriously i dunno..
maybe do a lil workout to keep myself fit..I think i need to..
meet up with old friends..bonding session again..

hmm......not much to blog and oh ya not to forget I thank God for the result.
Better recharge myself for next sem..

Till then.That's all from me...

Monday, December 15, 2008


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Will be back soon..
Don't worry.I am still alive,still enjoying the O2 provided by God.
There will be some pictures and stories to be posted.
Stay Tune!


Janet a.ka. YinG yInG

Saturday, December 6, 2008


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Being Tagged by two babes :Wiena and Yvonne
Here you go~

* 4 places I go over and over:

1. Uni.
2. SMCGC (sorry I forgot the full name..its my church)
3. Shopping malls
4. home.

* 4 people who email me regularly:

2.Pastor Connie
3.My housemates(all 3 of them)
4.So many...until dunno whose name to write

* 4 of my favourite places to eat:

1. Siamese Secret
2. McD
3. Bak Kut Teh.
4. Taiwanese Food Restaurant
(All sound so expensive..abuh..)

* 4 places you’d rather be:

1. Sibu,my home =)
2. on a shopping spree in KL(wiena,same here..)
3. KK
4. basically any place that I can be with him

* 4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

1. Gossip Girl
2. Fashion Show
3. MTV
4. Channel V

* 4 people I think will respond (let them know you tagged them) :

1. Nie
2. Cath
3. Bel
4. Steph

Monday, December 1, 2008


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Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I am currently in Sibu..Just back from my Ipoh trip a week ago.

I gained weight in Ipoh as I have predicted.Shame on me..Im currently 46kg..But I couldnt resist the good food.

Tony's parents are really friendly and kind enough to bring me and Laucy all the way to Cameron.Really thanks them for the treat.Cameron is really really cold and strawberries everywhere.I miss there.

Next week for one whole week I am off to Kuching.Hahaha.Am going to start my shopping trip in The Spring..wuhoo...

Counting down to Christmas Eve which is 22 days.Im going to meet him..

Dont think I will have my part time job this time is reserved already.

Finally,I am on the way finding my 幸福.....

My fav pic.Laucy,Me,Jane,Tony

Do you see the green green tea on the hills behind me?

That's all..


Thursday, November 20, 2008

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I watched this movie last night.Even though I have heard of this story once or two times since I was young but last night for the first time I cried like hell in the cinema.Hope not me the only one who cried.

Love is...acceptance
Love is...patient
Love is...kind
Love is...not self seeking

But the Greatest Love that I have found so far is from God.No one can compete.

I am into pondering moments again...haha

Well,I am leaving tomorrow.So many things to be done.Packing and checking,spending time with precious friend.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recent..Just too Recent

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  • Exams Over...

  • I found out that I don't know how to pronounce "Yale"....

  • Gaining weight is a must during exam.Sigh~~

  • I dunno which position I am in now..

  • Hope for an Intern during Holidays..God please listen to my prayer..

  • Off for Ipoh trip in two days time.

  • Tonight,accompany someone for basketball match

  • Tomorrow night,movie night.I dont want James I hav any another choice?

  • Feeling Sweetness plus Happiness is overwhelming me.

  • Looking back I know its God's will..

  • Im free..Totally..feel free to find me ya for a talk..hahaha....


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AGain Tagged

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Being TAGGED by Wiena ...I did not edit anything.100% from me.Took this picture when I was in front of my labtop.Straight away.

1. take a recent photo of yourself OR take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.

2. DON'T change your cloth. DON'T fix your hair, just take a picture.

3. Post that picture with NO editing.

4. Post this instruction with your picture.

5. Tag 10 people to do this.

Sorry,i TAGGED no one.cuz everyone is in the midst of their exam....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eagle Eye

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Watched Eagle Eye with my churchmates last night.
It has been a long time since I watched my last movie.
And that would be our last chance to go and watch movie in such a big group.
I kinda miss it when some of them have to leave us and proceed to the next step in their life.

Back to the movie...
Well,the movie trailer is all over the Internet so u guys can browse yourself.
Overall,from this movie we could see that no matter how advance the technology is,human still empowering it because humans create technology and of course humans have the authority over it.
One thing the the technology does not have is FEELING.Especially affectionate feelings.

So one day if the world is getting high tech,beware, it means our affectionate feelings
are disappearing.The connection between human should not be taken over by technology.

Okay..some blahs from the middle of final exam stress..hehe

C ya nex time.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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Ça va ?

This girl is back here for another post.
Tomorrow she will make sure that everything is on the right track.
Every night she will cross her fingers and pray hard for her future,including her coming final exam.
God please bless me with wisdom and health as Your little daughter is weak.
Just wish me luck ya~
À la prochaine

Je t'embrasse
YinG YinG

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Take a break

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Am taking a break here...Hurrr.....Study Study Study....I hope im in time..arrghh...

Just now I borrowed my housemate bicycle and cycled around the housing area and lake side.
The air is not as fresh as what I expected
but I did enjoyed the way the breeze brushed through my hair and my face.....
Enjoying the sunset too!

Back to my normal routine again..


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Have been catching up with this drama..The Gem of Life..
Guess it will accompany me throughout my final..
Must watch if you have time..=)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Church event

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Wow!!What happen to our face??
Actually its an event in church on Friday night.
Those June to December birthday babies were being drawn on their face using Lipstick.
So two of us as Libras cant escape...
Luckily they bought LOREAL one.If not..we will have flowery face..
I will be posting more photos of the night once i have collected them i think...
Another special experience in my life.."Unforgetable"


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Just read a story from an email.
Learnt something which is meaningful.Toleration.
Not everyone can do that and so do I.
Toleration makes our life easier isn't it?

Think about it...

Friday, October 24, 2008


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Exam Mode On Everyone!!!
Just a few hours ago,I was sitting in the classroom cracking my head hard to solve the four questions which costed me 40%overall and internal marks 60%.Many seniors said this unit is very easy to get a pass and which means go for Distinction or High Distinction..But I don't aim that high yet.I am/will just trying my very best for it.Three more to go.Everytime I came back from exam,I had this kind of feeling as if I had throw away a heavy stone from my shoulder.Now I have three rocks on my shoulder which I have to slowly throw them out one by one until 18th of Nov.

This accompany me for the past few days.My first try with this brand.Previously I am always stick to Ligo.I have a friend who prefers eating this brand.So I just give myself a try and see why it is so addictive...Besides,I start missing Hello Panda...haha..

I can leave these few books aside....finally..

Lastly,I am going to motivate myself with this few lines of words throughout the whole exam.
I promised myself an Annie's Little Kitchen meal ONLY when after my last exam is over or can I say it is as a reward for putting effort in finals.hehe....
Goodluck to myself and to those who have start to burn midnight oils to complete their assignments and finals preparation.

As we moved on further, life is getting difficult/challenging.Anyhow that is the only way to make us grow up right?
My mum said "when your life is all about studying,you should appreciate it".Something to ponder again.. something random from me

Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Annie's Little Kitchen

I made my visit to the restaurant twice after its opening.
I had:
  1. Cider Special(first visit)
  2. Steam Fish Fillet Rice(second visit)
  3. Chocolate Pudding(second visit)
  4. Sunset sth(its a drink n I forgot its name =s)

Sorry,I forgot to take the pic of my food.So you will have to use your imagination or go there and try it yourself.Despite the fact that they haven't really settle everything down,the food is really nice.For example,the Steam Fish Fillet Rice that I had today.Its really *Thumbs Up*.The fish fillet is fresh and you can taste the sweetness of the fish meat.The chocolate pudding is a very sinful delight.The most important thing is its very cheap.

My fren she is working as a part time waitress there mentioned to me that they will continuously add in more dishes onto the menu list.When I heard her mentioning the name of the food.. my mouth start drooling.Well I guess next sem I will make alot of visitations to the restaurant.

Oh ya...if you guys like sourish drinks,I recommend the cider special.The taste is not the kind of plum sour.Honestly I don't know how to describe the taste in details.But that will be my most favourite drink from that restaurant.

Basically...I want to rate the restaurant but then I juz had two visitations to there.So I think I am not qualify yet.

I am awaiting to try their lasagne.Personally,I am a lasagne fans especially beef lasagne.I had tried the Secret one as recommended by Abby a long long time ago.Not bad.Annie's lasagne I had it once in school.But the portion was small and the Aunty mentioned to my friend that the lasagne prepared by the restaurant is way much more nicer than the school one.Just today actually I plan to have lasagne for my lunch.Know what the last piece of lasagne has been ordered by a guy nex to my table.Arrgghh..and that is why I have the chance to try the Steam Fish Fillet Rice.

Never mind.Never mind.It will become a reason for me to go back to the restaurant again.

Till then.That's all.

I am sure next time I will do a food review with pictures.Haha.I have to admit that I am too busy indulging myself with the food until I forgot to take pictures.Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


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Once again,I was abit disappointed with my CB results today.(But at least I am better than others that I do get a pass).That was what I think when I got the result.I think I was just trying to comfort myself.Maybe I havent put enough effort in?Something wrong with my attitude of studying or something wrong with my memories?
I have been pushing myself so hard recently.
I tend to live up to other people expectations.
I should not make such a big mistake.Being forgetful.And in front of 13 people I ask myself how can I forget such an important person..
I am being imperfect.
Nowadays,I feel very lazy to talk.Lazy to open up my heart to talk.

I am just crapping here.As this is my personal blog,when I find no one to talk to.I will talk to this emotionless blog.I do wonder are there any silent readers who are going thru the up and downs of my life thru this blog.

Tomorrow is another day for me to compete against the time.Tired.I dun even know how many times I complaint to my mum that I feel very tired.

Looks like its time for me to go to bed to get a rest.
Honestly,bed is one of my fav place where I can find peace.

Monday, October 13, 2008

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First thing first,I want to thank my dad and my mum for letting me going for the trip.Its is on Nov 21.One month more to go start from today.I guess its going to be a food trip.(I am imagining myself gaining weight after the trip).Anyway,I hope I will enjoy myself to the fullest hopefully.

Upcoming event:My final exam!!That is the major thing I have to focus on now.Honestly,last sem I did not do well.I can do better than that.So this sem,I hope I can"pia"the result back.

Recently,seeing my friends or people around me are in a very "xing fu"or happy or lovey dovey mode.My mood goes with them.Happy too!!Haha..

Next year,I will not be the part of the church committee anymore.To me its a relieve.Because I start having difficulties in coping my study and the busy church life.Its not that I dun love my God anymore o.Its just that I need a rest.....

Plan to go for my part time job at the end of the year again.Money..Money..Money?No..I am not chasing after money.Just trying to spend my time in something I am interested in.Guess what is that?Clothes.I think every girls like clothes.I am trying to make myself sound not so guilty here.You may say that I am a shallow person..but hey I do have a ruler to measure to what extent my love to clothes shud be.

Signing off.Nothing much to blog recently.Is it a bad thing or good thing?Hmm....

C ya nex time~

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just learnt recently ...

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Pastor Connie and Beng Zhang

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Happy Birthday to
Pastor Connie and Beng Zhang!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Bday

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Just a week ago...It was my birthday.Time really past soo fast...On this very celebrative day,indeed i had chance to sit down and think of my 19 years life journey so far.Not much achievements and a few decisions which I dunno why I would make that kind of decisions at tat time...

Anyway,another thank you post again...hmm...Hope I don't miss out anything.


My first cake cutting ceremony in disciple class for my birthday.
Two birthday babies.Me and Soo Seng.
His bday is on 29th while I am 30th.
Thanks Pastor Connie...
This year,just simple dinner and lunch.Enough for me already.I have learnt to appreciate when someone can remember your birthday even though there maybe no gift or maybe celebration during the busy days .But I have to admit that I was really busy replying the Facebook and Friendster birthday greetings from all my friends.Again A very big THANK YOU to You all!!!


The earliest present that I received is a book which is from my churchmate.
The book is written by Martin Luther.. (By Faith Alone)...
He mentioned to me that I have to read the book EVERY YEAR.I will try my best .Joseph.


A bottle of perfume from my churchmates!!!
I like it very very much.I had been dreaming of it since last year..Hahaha..
It appeared at my house door when the clock struck twelve!!!!I was planinng to sleep ord.
Thanks to Eve and Alvin as representatives to send me this pressie which I heart alot.
Its my first bottle of perfume.
I think I will buy the second bottle myself.Still aiming.*winks*


A T-shirt from my housemates.
All thanks to Tien Tien saying that I like monkey...haha..and they know that I donate alot of white T-shirts out for our home usage..
(You will see my donated T-shirt in front of the washroom door if you visit my house)....

Secret Recipe Meal treated by very close girlfriend.I had beef lasagne and highfibre cream cheese cake.Thanks for treating me my very first Secret Recipe meal in my life..=)

Sorry about the cacatness of the cake.It is served like that.


Longetivity noodles treated by Fenice.But Alvin brought us there.
The thing was I got drunk after eating da noodles.
Its a tradition for foochow people to eat longetivity noodles and egg on the day.
Its also a favorite food of mine too...especially cooked by my grandma..suddenly craving for it again..
Our family will also eat it on the first day of Chinese New Year..


Not to forget two most creative present I ever received .
Wiena and Yvonne wrote blog posts for ME...
Am so honoured to be mentioned in their blog posts.

Haha..Now I know Im Princess J to both of them ..............


Lastly ,a celebration in Fenice House during our cell group on Friday nite.My second cake cutting ceremony.

From left to right:Qi Qi,Shao Wei,Me

Qi Qi is from China.
Shao Wei is from Bintulu(the youngest).
Me...of coz Sibu Mui..
Three of us having the same day as birthday but we are born in different years.

Fruit Cake

Us cutting the cake

All of us.....


Even though this year I have a different celebration than last year.
I am really touched and wordless....
I really feel that Im really"Xing Fu".
Will keep this in my heart wherenever I go or tell my cucu and cicit next time...
Can you imagine that??
I think it would be very very funny.

Btw I gained 2kg during these few days!!My dearest mummy is going to worried again.
My parents they didn't celebrate for me.But I dun mind since they have paid the expensive school fees and my monthly expense for me.

Haha..even until today one week has passed,I still receive birthday happy ..


This is kinda an expired post forgive me for that.I just couldn't find time to update until today.

Hope you guys enjoy reading my updates...


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