Sunday, December 26, 2010


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its a COMPETITIVE world =(

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When I was still a student in Uni
I always heard lecturer they all mentioned how competitive
is the job market.
And I was so naive at that time
thinking it would not be a problem for me to find a job
or the job that I want.
Actually,for my major M&M (not that M&M sweets)
its easy to find a job.The jobs are available everywhere.
there is always a big BUT.
Yes,jobs are everywhere but are those that you really want?

I, myself truly experienced the truth of the lecturers' words today.
Why do I say so?
Cause I started job hunting!!
Trying my luck.


Look at the pictures below and you will know what
I am trying to say here.


In case you cant see clearly....121 applications.
Okay clearly it means I have to compete with 120 people.
Quite a huge number already.


can see it or not?
(refer to the area where yellow arrow pointed to)
Its 301 applications!!


Its 340 applications!!!
The number is getting larger.
I can't believe that I am one of the 340!!
The chances of getting employed is really small lo!

1 / 340 = 0.00294117647

Scary scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even dare to dream of choosing to apply for my favorite jobs.
Apparently,my favorite is also other people's favorite.
So does that mean I should not be picky in applying for jobs anymore?
The job hunting is still a long journey to go.
So I gotta be strong~

I can't stay mushrooming at home anymore.
Next week,results will be released and...*cross fingers*
Its a transition moment for me.
I am stressed for mushrooming at home.
Having my mum to pay for my stuffs is really not ideal.

Till then~
I want to be financially independent!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hair Issue

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Its my latest look ^^
Girls usually cry over their long hair being"chop" off.
But I just don't cry.
I don't need much courage to cut my hair.
I just don't know why.
Am I not a girl?
I think it has something to do with my height.
I am not a tall girl so I can't keep my hair long.
Illusion wise,they say long hair will make you look shorter.
So that is the MAIN reason I chop off.
And this time I try thicker bangs.
Nice or not.yes?no?

Tips of getting a nice hair cut:
  1. You must get yourself a good hair stylist.Preferably a guy.Ask me why we should choose male hairstylist over girl hairstylist?Very easy.Male has better fashion taste.No sexual discrimination here,maybe its just my experience that caused me to come up with this conclusion.
  2. Get yourself involve with a good communication with him/her.Before hair cutting process really started, make sure the hair stylist knows what do u want or even better if you could show him/her a picture of the hairstyle that you wish to have.Don't rush to end the conversation.Make sure the hairstylist know what your hair textures is,e.g. easy to manage or not,natural curl or very fine hair.
  3. Stick to one hair stylist.Loyalty!It would be better if you just stick to one hairstylist on the basis that you are satisfied with him/her hair cut services most of the time.I am a real life example here.I really trust my hair stylist a lot and I do know that he keep updating himself in terms of the latest trend in hairstyles from time to time.
Hope my tips are useful for you.
That's my update for today.
Till then.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep10

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Introducing some of my admired fashionistas in their super nice outfit:

Feel free to scroll over their name for their website.
This is one of the way I keep myself up with the latest trend
besides reading fashion mags.
Tell you a small secret:
I wish to work in an international fashion apparel company one day

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December!

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Isn't it fast?Its the LAST month of December.
This is the third day I reached home (from Miri to Sibu).
Spending first two days unpacking my stuffs.
There are still remaining few boxes which are left untouched yet.Well,basically I moved my whole room back.Capacity of my current house of course is not enough.
Wardrobe is totally full now. My mum warned me not to buy any clothes again.
That means no more new year clothes :( and since I am bankrupt so I am okay with that.

Back home:
Diet mode is on. Home cook is nice and it won't make u fat.I have less appetite to eat as well.
Apparently,I don't have the super high rate metabolism rate.
Those two weeks of having supper and McDonaldS,had made me gained quite a few kgs.
You should notice it from the pictures below.
My boy has been complaining that its really not healthy for me to gain weight especially at this height last night.

Met up with girlfriends before going back.

She is my ex housemate and travelmate.
Gonna miss her.

One of my fav outfit.
Last day staying at cousin place.

The secret of bigger eyes *loves*

For now,
in the process of job searching.
I hope I pass my last few units.
Wish me tonnes of luck.
Till then.

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