Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sharing is CaRiNg

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The fat bulging thighs and legs have been a major problem to me because I have pear shape body figure.

Most of the time I would prefer to wear dress rather than jeans or short pants.
[One piece dress is my best friend]

Short pants is the last thing that I would want to wear because it exposes my legs weaknesses so much.I hardly buy short pants and I actually envy those girls who can wear short pants.

Here's a little tip which I find useful to shape up our legs especially girls.

So~Let's workout to have a pair of beautiful legs!

Or if you have a better tips to share,feel free to drop a comment =)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Replay

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Its almost the end of June.
As July approached,we are marching towards the second half of 2010.
So far..have u achieved what u have planned at the beginning of the year 2010?
I would say there are always ups and downs.
But I am glad that God has led me pass through it safely.
As mentioned in the title,this is a replay.A replay of my first half year 2010.
Actually just some of my fav photos.

First,attended a wedding,the couple both of them are my best friends.

Having fun after the wedding dinner

A friend of him took this pic for us
Second,the award ceremony.I was really surprised when I received the phone call for the invitation to the ceremony.At first I even thought that it was a prank.haha.

Still,I want to say:Glory Be to God.

Third,Curtin Prom Night 2010.This time all my housemates went.Food was great and so with the performance too.I would say I enjoyed it.

Gorgeous right?

Me and my man again.Thanks for all the acceptance,love,tolerance that you have given.Even though there were some quarrelling moment but I am touched that we would make through it.ILY.

Us reluctant to undress and remove our makeup.So busy camwhoring at home.

Fourth, Sunday.

An usual Sunday where I will have laksa for my breakfast with my bf's family and church members.

Fifth,attended my cousin's Dip.graduation today.

I am glad that we were there to support her.She came back all the way from Kuching just to attend her graduation ceremony.Nie,wish you were here too~

Cheers!For everything and more to come........

I just found out I am a hairband girl.Yes,I love hairband.
That's all for this post.
Tomorrow I will get to see my beloved grandma and taste her homecook chicken soup which I have been missing so long.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep2

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Welcome back.Here are some of the personal picks of the week.
Hope you like them.
This time the I tried posting the pics in larger size to have a clearer view.
Nicer also.yes?no?
Which look is your favourite?

*Style 1
H&M hat,Zara floral top,Forever 21 skirt.
All goes well together.
Highlight:All are my fav brands.Something I will try in future.

*Style 2
Highlight:Boyfriend jeans ~I want

*Style 3
Highlight:Love the Jeffrey Campbell shoes on her feet

*Style 4
Highlight:Leopard print tank top+Harlem pants+studded heels.I like.

*Style 5
Highlight:Sweet.Floral top and peplum skirt both are must have items in your wardrobe.

I am inspired and obsessed once again.
Are you?

p/s:Next post I will come up with shoes if possible.Stay tune.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Random facts

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Warning:Its going to be a boring post anyway,with words only.Oh well,if u r interested in reading them,feel free to do so.If not,you may skip my post today.hiak hiak.

  1. Yeppy!I am back in my lovely dovey nest in Sibu.Everywhere is about food.Basically the cafes are springing up like mushroom after the rain.These cafes are not coffee shops,all of them to decribe them...hmm...just the type of cafes with very nice ambience.I think you get what I mean.But I am not sure if all of them offer good food or not.Guess I can give some of them a try during this holiday.Btw,we got Secret Recipe surprisingly.So,tourists who come visiting Miri,dont get surprise if we drive u around for food all the time.Basically,that is the entertainment we have got in this lil town,that is eat eat eat.Other than that,no more ady.Agree everyone?haha.
  2. Just found out that the aftermath of stress is...*drum roll*.......WEIGHT GAIN.Yes,I have gained 2kg during this exam period.My body is swollen like a balloon.Needless to say,my face is the most obvious one.Hate that kind of feeling.My boy told me that is the max that I can go.Is he hinting me to go on diet?Idk.But I dont really wanna to go on diet especially when there so many happenings coming up in July.Tell me how can I go on diet when all these related to food.gah....Nah..put diet the later one first.
  3. Talking about July,here's some of the important dates on my schedule: 10th July (friend's wedding reception and lunch),this is going to be the third wedding reception cause since last year Dec until now I have attended 2 dy and all are my friends' wedding.13th(5 days KL shopping trip),14th(result release day).....and at the end of July(meet up with my couzie) she is back from Aussie,havent see her for ages dy.
  4. I wish/wanted to do some changes to my blog skin and I know its time consuming.Coming back to feed my blog post everyday as possible as I can.Let's see if I can keep the promise and I have the persistency or not.Not forgetting that I want/wish/hope to be an event organizer for some events that I am interested.I got the idea but just that I dont know if I can do it.I am a newbie.
  5. Pray hard for my result,for the event that I am wishing for,pray for my holiday so that I have a fruitful one.Back to the beginning,all have to depend on God's planning.So I submit my planning to God.Hope my plan is going according to His will or He has a better plan for me?who knows..=)
I think 5 random facts should be enough dy.Never type such a long post before.I dont want to sound err..should I say "chang qi"or "loso"?..whatever it is.I am going to end this post with a good night.Tomorrow is indeed a new day again.

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Monday, June 21, 2010


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请当我的守护者 把我抱着
你是我的守护者 珍惜着我
我们是守护者 让爱复活

p/s :miss the warmth in his hug

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awww~ Jealous*

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Nice song and the most important thing is ..
The whole mv is full of HANDSOME and PRETTIES~
Hope you guys like it~

p/s:Just realized its the second post for today.I am hardworking right?xD


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exam Symptoms

Posted by Janet Tiong at 1:49 PM 0 comments is the only word that crawls over my mind now.
No one likes it I know.Neither do I.
Exam period is also my VERY unhealthy period.
Besides studying and eating,I hardly moved my ass away from the chair.
Blood circulation is weak and fat is stored.Suffered from obesity.
The moment I declared myself a break from my study is my most enjoyable period.
This explained why I am here now.Taking a short break.
My Fashionistas Love Eps has to put on hold first.I hate it but no choice.
Even though I get no response so far but never mind.
I still have the passion to share.*wink wink*
All the best to all Curtinians at this moment.In God nothing is impossible.



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