Monday, December 29, 2008

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  1. 122408..the most magical day in my life ..and officially announcing the six days journey of ours in Sibu.
  2. Start working on 1-1-2009
  3. Just cut my hair today
  4. I miss my man
  5. I am looking forward to Chinese New Year
  6. Christmas celebration,Parkson,flood,McD,Yes Man,Waterfront= sweet memories

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice

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Happy Winter Solstice!!And that was yesterday..
Thank God this year I had the chance to spend the whole day with my family to celebrate.
Five families gathered at my grandparents wooden house.Packed.
Only one family which is my Uncle's family who stay in Miri could not join us.If not,it will be totally a family reunion.

Some photos to be shared with you all.Hope you enjoy..

Long waiting for this dish..

While waiting for the adults to prepare the dinner,I had a little photo taking session with some of my small cousins in the family.

Oops..a bit blur..

Sexy back & Nice hair.Wad do you think?

The lil one is not focusing.Funny..

Mummy said she looked like hugging grandchildren here..wuwu..LoL.
Mummy, I am not that fast k..haha

So so cute...That is the bear that me n my couzie bought for her..

Finally,part of the food....dun drool!!This is table 2.

Just part of the food,by the time all the food is served on the table.Everyone rushed to the dining table.So I dont have enough time to snap pictures.Haha.Hungry people....

Table 1

Kids gathering in front of the TV..dining time n laughters...
Till then.
That's all.

YinG YinG

My church

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Guess where I am??
Haha..recently during Koh Wei's visit to Sibu,i brought her to see christmas tree.
There are altogether 8-10 christmas trees at Sibu Town Square and each has different themes.

Me with one of the Christmas tree

Koh Wei said this one is nice~

Which i think special~

Even Christmas tree can go green also

The idea that comes out from the SMC (Sibu Municipal Council)really not bad.At least tourists and Sibu citizens have a place to hang out during Christmas and a spot for photo taking.That night me n Koh Wei had to aware that we won't block anyone who was taking pic around that area.

The number of cars are getting more in Sibu.Only during festive seasons which are Christmas,Chinese New Year,and Qing Ming Jie.I had to be really careful while driving..*sweat*

Now,introducing my church~~

This is the church where I would go every Sunday~Chiing Ing Methodist Church

Deco for Christmas

The inside of the church..

On 25th of Dec morning,I will be attending Christmas celebration here..
Look forward to it~Wuhoo!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all:
  1. those who are on my blog list
  2. those who pass by my blog
  3. to you..who is reading my blog now

Indeed in Sibu,there is no white christmas but a rainy christmas.....I start to miss sunshine in Sibu...Hopefully on the Christmas the rain would stop...

I will be in Sibu.So who happens to come to Sibu for Christmas feel free to find me ^^..Isn't it nice to share the joy of this festive season together?Haha...

Finally,Happy Birthday Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A lil' Updates

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Some pics of me..unless you feel bored looking at me then you may skip this part..lazy to edit the photos too..i apologize for the inconvenient...

Didi and me (outside Spring)

My elder bro >>Jacky..Woo!

In Damai enjoying...

This holiday is gonna be a very long holiday. Just finished my trip in Kuching. Managed to do a little shopping in The Spring on the first night.MNG is on sale during my second visit to The Spring but I didnt manage to grab myself something ...there will be another next time..haha

I can't wait to start school and when school reopened I can't wait for holiday.Weird thinking..

When I was typing this post,my dear is having his OT in the office..(wish i could go to his office and wait for him..)

What am i going to accomplish for this holiday..seriously i dunno..
maybe do a lil workout to keep myself fit..I think i need to..
meet up with old friends..bonding session again..

hmm......not much to blog and oh ya not to forget I thank God for the result.
Better recharge myself for next sem..

Till then.That's all from me...

Monday, December 15, 2008


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Will be back soon..
Don't worry.I am still alive,still enjoying the O2 provided by God.
There will be some pictures and stories to be posted.
Stay Tune!


Janet a.ka. YinG yInG

Saturday, December 6, 2008


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Being Tagged by two babes :Wiena and Yvonne
Here you go~

* 4 places I go over and over:

1. Uni.
2. SMCGC (sorry I forgot the full name..its my church)
3. Shopping malls
4. home.

* 4 people who email me regularly:

2.Pastor Connie
3.My housemates(all 3 of them)
4.So many...until dunno whose name to write

* 4 of my favourite places to eat:

1. Siamese Secret
2. McD
3. Bak Kut Teh.
4. Taiwanese Food Restaurant
(All sound so expensive..abuh..)

* 4 places you’d rather be:

1. Sibu,my home =)
2. on a shopping spree in KL(wiena,same here..)
3. KK
4. basically any place that I can be with him

* 4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

1. Gossip Girl
2. Fashion Show
3. MTV
4. Channel V

* 4 people I think will respond (let them know you tagged them) :

1. Nie
2. Cath
3. Bel
4. Steph

Monday, December 1, 2008


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Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I am currently in Sibu..Just back from my Ipoh trip a week ago.

I gained weight in Ipoh as I have predicted.Shame on me..Im currently 46kg..But I couldnt resist the good food.

Tony's parents are really friendly and kind enough to bring me and Laucy all the way to Cameron.Really thanks them for the treat.Cameron is really really cold and strawberries everywhere.I miss there.

Next week for one whole week I am off to Kuching.Hahaha.Am going to start my shopping trip in The Spring..wuhoo...

Counting down to Christmas Eve which is 22 days.Im going to meet him..

Dont think I will have my part time job this time is reserved already.

Finally,I am on the way finding my 幸福.....

My fav pic.Laucy,Me,Jane,Tony

Do you see the green green tea on the hills behind me?

That's all..


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