Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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My blog is currently under a renovation.
So might be disappearing for a few days.
Sorry about the inconvenience.
Please stay tune anyway.

Friday, February 6, 2009


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I have became Couch Potato within these few days.Switching from one channel to another channel to find a channel that could catch my eyes and at least could satisfy me for one or two hours.I know acually I have lots of things to be done,not really urgent but I am just lazy to move around..Its over relaxing until even sometimes I feel lazy to dress up myself...Haha.I think others will admire we have this long holiday but I don't really like it.It makes me feel like something is missing.

Can I say I miss school life?

I admit that I am more independent in Miri.I hav a routine life.But when the school life is getting busier whereby you have tonnes of assignments to be completed and church ministries to be done...Hmm..Time for God,time for friends,time for studies,time for myself seem to be impossible to be attained.24 hours is not enough anymore.Fighting with the time again.By that time,I will start complaining how I hate the busy life and I want holiday.Start turning emo.

It is so contradict right?

Next week I am leaving home.It is my decision.I want to meet up with my cousin before she leaves for Aus.Spend time with my dear during Valentines.But I am afraid that I will regret for leaving home so soon..( miss home again??!!)Fyi,school starts at 23rd of Feb...How? Luckily my bro is waiting for his SPM result so he can help my mummy with the housework.A least someone to help her to reduce her workload.

Hmm..I can only keep telling myself ,time to grow up.Make wise decision.I know I am going to be 20 this year..sigh..and in 2010 I am going to graduate..hopefully :P..I am going into the work field.Earn as much as I could and feed myself more pocket money from mummy..aikss....Face the reality.But maybe I enjoy the freedom by then...

God my Life is in Your Hands.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ox Coming

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Its time to wake up my blog up from holiday mood :P..
A little updates of my recent life.
I did regret I didn't took much photos over the New Year.
Anyway,this is how it goes..

My Cousin's Wedding Dinner at Sheraton...
Congrats to her and her hubby .......

Me and my eldest bro,Jacky during the dinner.
Btw the youngest one became our photographer.

On the first day of New Year.
Camwhoring session with my couzie Sharon.
I luv this photo.

Three of us showing the Strawberry shape face..

A proper one but the little one missed the focus...

With my second Aunty's son..Jin Weng..
Notice his missing teeth?haha.

My family + youngest Uncle family +Grandma
The photo quality is not that good cuz i scan the photo..

All the cousins..Three are missing cuz they are in Miri..
So...Nie,Jack,Kitty..we will wait for you guys to take a reunion photo together with us.

Today,I just found out that I want to buy alot of things..Arrgh...
I wish to get myself (for this year)

  • A camera
  • A new bottle of perfume
  • New Spec
  • A vacation

That are just wants.Not needs.So..what should I do?Hold back my desire.Man that is hard but have to..Haha..

Till then~

Sunday, February 1, 2009


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I already forgot when was the last time I saw sunshine in the sky.
Do you get what I mean?
During these Chinese New Year,almost everyday is rainy day.The sky just rain nonstop until Sibu is flooded.
I eat nonstop until I gained weight.LOL.
Today,my dear has gone back to I am awaiting another twenty days to meet him up.
I did enjoyed every moment together with far only laughters and no tears.
He had to walk through the water just to meet me up wherenever I want to meet him..I am touched.And we are building up our dreams.
Thank God for the blessings for two of us.
Start from tomorrow I am turning into a housewife again.Helping mummy with household chores...Diet is a must...I plan to cut my hair again..
Not much to blog cuz I lost the passion of blogging during holiday even though I had more time.
Guess I will resume when school reopen.Need to get a new template for my blog too..
So hope you guys can wait for me...

That's all.....

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