Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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The second day of New Year and I know its abit late to say
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fake bags

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One of the dress from the boutique
(Ignore the price tag..the clincher is from The Mod House anyway)

Vain moment..hehe

The recent trend in Sibu is carrying fake branded bags around..grading from AA to Super A...How do I know this?because currently I am working as a part timer in a boutique.No wonder when I came back here,I see all those women even girls from high schools carry branded bags like LV,Gucci,Couch and etc.At first I thought they are so rich that they can afford and I thought since when the numbers of the rich in Sibu increase rapidly.Well,after I heard from my boss that most of the boutiques in Sibu town now selling this kind of bags ..now I understand.

Hmm...well, to me if i were they,I would buy an original one.I ever dreamed that one day I am going to get a branded bag for myself but definitely I won't fulfill my dream with a fake bag.

Maybe those fake bags really makes those women feel like on the cloud nine but after all,their bags are still not original one..What's to be proud of?

Anyway,I still feel that buying original bags is a respect to the designers....

I am fighting with temptations now..u know I am surrounded by tonnes of clothes..Luckily I dont have a nice body figure whereby all clothes can fit on me...If not....

Just some blahs from me..hehe..

Next week,Chinese New Year..for those who r coming to Sibu~C u~


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy birthday Mummy

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Mummy on this very special day of yours,I want to say Happy Birthday to you.

I may not be the most perfect girl of yours but I will try my best to be the best.

Thanks for all your understanding and loving heart.

Thanks for sending me to such an expensive school.

Many thanks to go on....

I will pray for your health and your work..

I want you to keep accompanying me to grow up.


With Luv,


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A new year greetings from me to you all.I know its late cuz its 8th of 2009 already.This is my very first post for 2009.Saying goodbye to 2008.I just feel that time flies.Whatever I have gone through in 2008 is already a history and I have kept them in my memory box.

Alot of things and changes need to be done for this year.I have to make a lil' changes maybe to the routine that I have used to. My church life,study life,relationships life,family,friends and so on.Time management is one of the major issue that I have to deal with and I pray for a healthy body to deal with all this.As this is my second year in Uni,I know things are getting tougher and I pray for wisdom from God in my studies too.

Reach 20 years old at the month of Sept this year.I am no more a teenager.Am a young adult.A little woman.I am curious what am I going to look like.Some aunties and uncles said that I look prettier than when I was in high school.Not showing off here but I just felt that this is funny.I thought I am still the same old me.

Out there many people are having their part time job,summer course.While I go for part time job..still abit regret not enrolling myself into summer.Part of me miss Miri but part of me want to stay at home.Dear said this is human nature.

Need to catch up with alot of friends soon.I am counting down to Chinese New Year honestly.Cuz I will be finishing my 25 days part time job by that time and Dear will be back again.I miss all of my friends.And I am done with the preparation for Chinese New Year as in clothes,shoes,etc...I don't apply make up so that is pretty easy for me because I don't need to think of a theme for my make up to match my clothes.Well,I should say girls are always no enough when it comes to clothes,shoes,fashion thingy.But we all know global financial crisis is a major issue now,so have to fast on our purse.Haha.

Till Then.Ciao~~

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