Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Blood in the Wardrobe

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Bought few pieces of clothes yesterday.
Super cheap.10 bucks.

Peach sheer button blouse.
I love the black lacey details in front.

Floral tube dress
10 bucks as well.
The cloth itself is a good material.

Needless to say my most fav among all.
Its my first one.

Not the usual 501.
Its Modern Original Collection.
It was launched last year or early this year.I am not sure.
Thank you,my man.

My most fav pic.
Am quite satisfied with the photo technique.*Pat self*

Counting down> 1 month and 2 days to go.
Gotta work harder on my diet.
One blogger left a comment to me:
Well...there ain't ugly girl. Only lazy one...
One word I would say that is:
So am gonna be a hardworking girl !!
Till then.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep9

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哦对了。。海绵宝宝还有分size 的

这个甜甜圈包包头很sweet 吧。。^ ^v

Friday, October 29, 2010

Flip over the page

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Start at 3:20pm.Friday.29.10.10.
A life that is so beautiful.
I am all contended.
Not letting the time to control me again.
Preparing myself for something extravagant.
Its gotta be a challenging one.
But I am fine with it.

I love to write but I don't know how to write.Ironic.

I am blessed.Cause we are meant to be together.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The girls' dream

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Today I had a great chat with a girlfriend of mine.
Its related with our career pathway.
I just accidentally bumped into her in the lab this afternoon.
We both are final semester students.
Just found out that we are in the same condition.
We both shared similar/same dreams.
Facing same problems.
Well,I hope the sentence would not just stop here.

I hope we both could be able to turn our dreams into reality in days to come or even years.
Its not impossible as I told myself.
I would try when there is a chance.
I know the reality would beat me down easily.
But I know I have to stand up strong.
Right now,all I can do is submit to God.submit submit submit.
*cross fingers* for everything.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep8

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Hello Readers,
Sorry about the lack of updates.
I am doing good here.

This time I wanna show you the hairstyle that I really like.
During the hair show last month,I got the chance to try on this hairstyle.
It is called as “梨花头” in mandarin.
In English,i think it is being called as Pear Head.
And you actually can see the hairstyle on the Japanese mag featured by Rinka and Miliyah.
Here are some of the examples:
Source: internet

Slightly curl at the bottom part of the hair.

She is one of my fav blogger from China,Ayuki

Feel free to check out Fashionista Reads link at the side bar.
Those are the sources where I would read to get inspired.
Hope you enjoy my short post.
Till then.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Outfit

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That was my outfit on the night before
going out to attend a dinner.

Ruffles sheer top + black short pants
Black pants is a good match for every kinds of tops.
I love it.

The back part

I am not a super model.
These figures:
its impossible for them to appear in my life.
But I still love to be pretty~
Don't stop me from doing that.

I think I am officially on for the show in the coming Dec.
A little yay for myself.
Gonna work harder.
Till then.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The little Miss J in Oct

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Its all my vain pictures.
Just to show you how I have been doing.

First time editing my photo in a different format.
Not the perfect pic i think.
But me likey~*wink wink*

That was my outfit for the day.
I would say I am a lil OL.
I was serving in the church that night.
White Ruffles Blouse+ Pencil skirt.
Personally love the combination.

So the photo will do the talking.
I have very chubby and round face.
This is the aftermath of gaining 3kg weight.
This photo is a reminder for me to work harder.

Till then.
Found out that I have been blogging quite frequently ya.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Derek Redmond

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Today,during the lecture I cried.
I would always remember this unique lecture class.
What happened actually??

The lecturer showed us a vid.
Its about this person-Derek Redmond.
Well,watch the vid.

I saw determination, perseverance,and strong motivation spirit in him.
It had not been easy for him to come to this stage.
But he didn't give up just like that.
He completed the race even though he was not a champion.
In the end,he won all the respects and honours from the audience.
The story happened in year 1992.
After 8 years the story is still inspiring to a lot of people,including me.

The lecturer told us not to give up easily.
Somehow along the way,we may be experiencing the lowest bottom level in our life.
We may have lost the faith in ourselves.
Because of failure,we are not being able to stand up anymore.
Some people just quit.
He was trying to say that Derek Redmond could stand up again and finished the race,why couldn't you?

Also,God wouldn't let you go through it alone.
He will be there to hold you,strengthen you,cherish you and guide you.
Just like Derek Redmond's father did.
God is our Almighty Father in Heaven.

It really heals my heart.
I think God sent His message through the lecturer and the inspiring vid.
The promising message encourage me to move forward.
I would try my best.Fall down,stand up again.
Thank you Lord,Derek Redmond,and my dear lecturer.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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Monday, October 11, 2010


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Health is wealth

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I need to declare a healthy diet plan for myself seriously.
I am not decreasing my weight but too maintain its condition.
The reason is because I feel my body getting older as age increased.
Maybe you would say its still early,as I am only 21.
But then I think why not start early.It seems that there are more advantages by starting early.

First thing first,I need to get rid of my habit of not eating balanced 3 meals.
My breakfast,lunch,and dinner are not taken at the correct timing.
The most important thing is that I like to eat sweet stuff.
Dessert,Chocolate,Ice cream,anything sweet and salty,you name it.
Also cheesy stuff like cakes and pastries never can escape my mouth.
So avoid that.

Therefore tomorrow will be a good start.
Wish me luck.

Remind me to sleep early as well & last but not least drink more water!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the story goes on....

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Greetings everyone!
It's October.
A happy month for October Babies right?
So here's happy birthday to all the October babies.

As I mentioned before,lotsa photos to be shared right?
Here you go.
Note:There are a lot of my photos.
So if you don't like it,feel free to skip this post then.

Being caught on a camera.
Its a day out shopping with girlfriends.

They were there during my first hair show in my life.
Giving me the support which I have never expected.
I am touched deep inside my heart.
Its a new change for me with the color.
I am giving myself something different upon reaching 21.

Retarded me.
Celebrating friend's birthday.
I don't have all the photos with me yet.
So these are the fews that I could blog with.

Day out to beach for BBQ with churchmates.
Its was a sunny evening & with my fav maxi dress.
Having lotsa fun and laughter with them.
Besides,they put an early birthday celebration for me.
A surprise indeed!

Lovely churhmates.
We were having gathering at the Bak Kut Teh,Pellita area.
Food are nice.
We all had the tired look.
Cuz its after school.

Just recently,the church camp.
It could be the last camp that I had in four years of uni life.
I cried during the sharing session.
Yes,I am reluctant to let go the memories that I had.
I love them cause we are a BIG family.
Each one has their own characteristics.
Unique at the same time cute.

I would say too many photos
until I couldn't blog one by one.
I have many faces.
I wish I could be pretty all the time as well.
But when the real emotions blend in,
do I still manage to be pretty?
Guess not.
So that is the real me.
A girl with no make up,very real one.

Till then.
I still have photos.
Maybe next post.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heavenly Notes

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Will I be able to hear from you again one day?
You have disappeared,not a single trace of you could be found.
Wherever you are,just hope that you are doing fine.
You have uncovered yourself and I have discovered you.
Your young heart has been locked up.
Its beautiful and charming.
I am amazed.
I wish I have the key to open it up again.
And love you all over again.
Moments passed,memories stayed forever in my heart.
I like how I add new chapters into my memories book.
I would wish the story would go on again.
But it stopped beautifully.
I would wish I could write the story one day.
I wish to be the writer.

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