Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its still alive

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This blog is still alive.

[Wiena]:I will translate it for you next week..I promise ^^

Photo of the day:

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Touch My Hand

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Today was indeed a very tiring day for me again.Going out to school at 10.30am. and I am just back home an hour ago.Basically for the whole day,what I do was attended a class and then had a group discussion with my group members for MOS 311.After that,we went for a field research at Marie France Bodyline.Well,throughout the whole process,I was so tempted to sign up for the sessions.Now,$$$ is the main issue.Hehe.Gonna work hard and reward myself for that in future.Hope my dear will approve to let me sign up for it by that time.Since Marie France is located in Bintang so we went to the newly opened shop >>>*drum roll*>>>Sushi King for dinner .Haha.Nothing to boast about but I am so full with the meal.The food there were just okay to me.Compare to Excapade Sushi...of course Excapade Sushi is"mou dak ding"a ..even though me myself havent try it before.The taxi driver even told us Kuala Belait one is the nicest.Hmm...gonna ask my Brunei friend about it.Besides that,we did a little bit of shopping.Guess what I bought today.

Its a hair band.Wohoo.I lurvv hair bands and I used to have a nickname called as the "hairband girl" and that was when I was in foundation.Now...I think I feel like going back to those days.

The lastest photo that I was playing with.Taken a few days ago together with Mei Mei who is currently,my housemate and ex primary+secondary school mate.I know I am not a pro in photo editing.But I enjoy the editing process.Can anyone share with me how to learn to edit nice photo??I would love to learn from you.

Tomorrow we are getting nearer...
kinda sleepy now..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wiena's Birthday Bash

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好旧没有去hang out了..



嘿嘿..当晚我是single lady

dear dear 还在Kuching 呢


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I am renovating my blog again.
It is cacat I know but I will renovate it bit by bit.
I am sure until one day I will complete it.

Recently,I just found out that the word "friendship" is not in everyone's dictionary.
This is life isn't it?

Pic of the day :
I called it:

"My Lovely Backyard".
Got it somewhere online.

School days are full of fun and misery.
I can't imagine I have been walking and take bus to school for three years,under the hot scorching sun,through rainy days,sometimes stray dogs will follow my trail...I have to sacrifice my sleep just to catch the bus.My skin consumes an excessive amount of sunlight and it has been complaining by showing its "dark face" to me.Yes,I am dark.

I miss blue sky.
What is my métier in future?
Random and yet that is me.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

No title

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They are all in my wish list now.
Some random words I have learnt for the past few days.
sui generis
I love for the WOD.
I don't know if I could bear with the nine days when you are away.
I really need to get rid of my princess temperament.
Somehow I hate social life recently.Sigh...people are complicated.
My smile is fading.
And I am having problems with blogspot.
Why the words are not in the position that I want??
I have a phobia of this semester.Life has been very busy.
I feel bad about myself.
God and my dear's arm are my hiding place...

Night.I gotta put myself to bed before my pimples pop out again...

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