Sunday, March 16, 2014

Love and Bravery

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If love requires you to take another great step,will you do so?

Love is a responsible act with bravery.

Love is taking a great leap of faith.

Bravery comes from love,love comes from bravery.

Love is with us.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We have come to March

Posted by Janet Tiong at 1:11 AM 2 comments
Sorry that I have been neglecting this blog for quite sometime already.....Mind you this could be a really random post..

So fast that we are entering March.Here I am trying to feed some content to my blog.Since January until today, I have been through a little getaway, watched the first concert in life,getting sick, attending rounds and rounds of interviews,attending closest Uni mates wedding,cousins wedding,meeting new people,Chinese New Year celebration,13 days holiday break,gained weight,getting little kids greeting me as yi yi* or better still some call me jie jie*,getting parents friends asking when are you getting married,but I still received lotsa angpaus,watched The Journey - a touching movie which make me gone teary in the cinema,nonstop overseas whatsapp messaging and photo sharing.

Despite entering March,I wish May could have come earlier.I wish right now it's 30th April midnight or early morning of 1st May as I have a flight to catch and look forward to meet the host.

Have you ever experienced something/someone that manage to put a smile on your face for 24/7?
Have you ever experienced that your heart is being lifted away and you are willingly to let it fly to the place that attracts it.
Have you ever felt that everything which had happened felt like a dream and you need somebody to actually pinch you and tell you that :  Hey,you don't need to wake up, what you see and what you feel now is all REAL!! 

Love is the foundation of everything. 
I believe the Love from God is sufficient and strong enough to lead me to the next step in my life.
However,uncertainties that I had encountered and might encounter in life,always always weaken me....for I am just a girl..a human..渺小到不行......
That night I cried in the phone over a situation which I can't control at all.Something that I never thought it would happen and something that I have to call a stop.
Been through all these,tho Abba Father is watching over me from the above, I need a steady shoulder,a warm arm,to guide me to through the life journey on this earth.

As I grow older,my memory box storage is getting fuller and fuller.
I have learnt to appreciate even the smallest thing that came into my life.
Some say you have to learn to dance in the rain.
And I say You have to learn to dance in both sunny days and rainy days.

Till then.I hope I can do a picture post the next round.

P/s: I was writing this blog post while listening to this song.Hope you like it too~


Little Miss J 

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