Sunday, January 15, 2012

The lost soul

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My heart has been spreaded all over the place.
I find it so difficult to piece it back.
Lovely people that come into my life have taken away my heart a least a little piece of it.

This year the CNY is a total disaster.
I bought a few clothes & new year shoes.
BUT color matches and the outcome is a lil wee bit weird truth to say.
To comfort myself,I called it as color blocking.
Can you imagine that,I actually had turquoise blue adding in to my wardrobe collection.

My blog post is getting lesser & lesser.......
What a bad sign.
From 80+ posts in year 2010 decreased to 20+ post in year 2011.
Such a drastic reduction.
Hopefully this year I would be rajin enough to update my blog.
I know I do have few loyal readers.And I don't want to lose them.

3 more days
and I am gonna see him and my families.
The break up actually mended our relationship and we give more space for each other.

From 22 to 23..I started to feel scary.
I used to be beauty conscious.
But I kinda lost the motivation when a)I start to work b)I aged.
Another bad sign too..sigh..
Still remember I was really active writing the Fashionista Love Ep blog posts.
But now...these blog posts updates are nowhere to be seen.
Where is the old Little Miss J?

Enough of writing I guess.
Till the next updates.
I will surely miss here---->blogsphere.

Little Miss J

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

QnA : 2012

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It has been awhile since the start of year 2012...

He/She :How do you celebrate your New Year's Eve

Me : I celebrated the special day in the Church @ FCC.Countdown in the church as well.I think its better than partying outside with the crowd and countdown with random people surrounding.A Thanksgiving Service is meaningful~

He/She :Anything you want to give thanks for the past 2011?
Me : I never thought I would come this far..So much ups and downs and so much tears....A lot of times I strayed away from God but He always found me.Give thanks for 2 of my lovely sisters both become pretty mummies.I have seen God's grace in new born child.God has revealed so much truthfulness of His words through my daily lives.

He/She :New Year Resolution for 2012?
Me : Shame to say that this year I don't have specifically any new year resolution.Perhaps save more $$,be more disciplined,less careless,more positive many personal improvements need to be done.Out of all things still,I wish to get closer to God.

He/She :CNY preparation?
Me : Of course looking forward to the actual day,but the thing is I really have not much mood to buy CNY clothes.All I wanna do is to go back home and spend time with my family and friends.After I grow up and getting older,I found that I look at CNY differently.Again not the usual mindset,whereby everything must be new.New shoes,new clothes,new hair,and even new inner wear.Found these things are really unnecessary.Bonding time instead is what i am looking for the most.


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