Wednesday, May 25, 2011


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Today I told my neighbour in the office that I want to join beauty pageant.
She said I am still young so i have a lot of chance.
So tomorrow,
my beauty regime start!
keeping fit not only boost up one's confidence
its also a healthy move.
I wanna lost weight,I want to have my beautiful skin back.
Huh.lotsa wanna..going on and on.
So what is the reward when I achieved my goal?
I am gonna take a set of my profile and go for casting.
BIG challenge huh?
Wish me luck then.*wink wink*
cross fingers that i dont give up throughout the way.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop and stare

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I stopped blogging.Maybe u would be wondering..
Too bad it has not come to this stage whereby I wanted to shut down my blog.
Blogging has once become a habit of mine and its so hard to get rid of it once you picked it up.
It could be addictive but not as addictive as drug,just sometimes.
Its a platform for me to share what i see and what is in my mind.
Bear with me readers, for always playing MIA.
I sincerely apologize about this.
Have been waiting for a good camera so that i can start blogging properly.
But I dont know when can I get it.
Tell u what I wanna be a celebrity blogger and get invited to events.Becoming a celebrity blogger does need a good camera.
Option 1 : Olympus Pen
Option 2 : Lumix GF2
I love attending events and dolling up myself.Typical girl right?

People come and go in my life.
Since Uni until now,I met hundreds or it could be thousand of new people.
Some leave you with good impression and some bad ones.Most of the time,we chose the lovely ones.
Well,we just can't avoid this situation as God places these people in the midst of us in order to teach us the greatest homework and that is LOVE.Your neighbour.

In Late Night Alumni fever.
Fashion fever has never gone away from me,fret not its high fever all the time.
I like and dislike September.Age has becoming more sensitive.
But I determined as I am aging,I want to become prettier and more mature,having more wisdom.I prefer wisdom rather than knowledge.Cause God's word is the source of wisdom.Nothing beats wisdom.

Love is a chemical substance that no one can ever solved.
The chemical reaction can be so strong that men and women could be drowned in it,spinned around..
Its either pain or too sweet....
Love it or hate surrounds us.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another randomness of her

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Tutu Skirt
~My current loves~
Ganbateh for my diet plan~
I can look better in it.
blek XD
Till then.
Short update from me


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