Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The days had just gone

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Good morning Earth...

Started off my Thursday morning with blogging...

Time flies isn't it?I can't capture it so do everyone.Day after days I am growing older.

Well Study free week is just around the corner which means exam is coming soon.

The days to exam= The days left that I can see my dear*sob*sob

Next update will be a picture post.I have lots of picture that I need to sort out and to share.

I gained weight.This is not a good sign as I have a few weddings to attend during the holiday..The wedding bells are ringing.Thus, I have to workout to fit into my dresses.

Exam stress = increase in shopping frequency (quoted from Agnes,a random blogger).I totally agree with it!!!yeah,there is this urge start forming in my shopping nature.

Coming up:
  1. Daily revision
  2. 31/10/09 Borneo Rainforest Day Trip
  3. 2/11/09 Volunteer in PBK at Piasau
  4. 2/11/09 Graduation for my 1 and the 1/2 year Disciple Class

I will update the next post don't know when.

Till then..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Over My Head

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Am in love with this song the first moment I heard it.So calming...
Its just another afternoon while I was doing my work and searching for my new songs when I found it.*jumping with Happiness*.Haha.

The world is all changing
I can’t believe my own eyes
The moment I think I’ve figured it out
I am flawed

I’m not to sure
Of myself this time

I’m in over my head
And all I have is you now
I’m in over my head
And all I am is holding on to you

I can’t see the way now
But this one thing I know
When every thing’s changing
You’re still closer than a friend
And so I will bow
And my heart will trust

I’m in over my head
And all I have is you now
I’m in over my head
And all I am is holding on to you

I’ll never let you go

I’m in over my head
And all I have is you now
I’m in over my head
And all I have, all I have, is holding on to you

Hope you enjoy it too...

Yes.I am recovered...Thanksforalltheconcernandloveonesaroundme.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


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The failure makes me wake up..

I didn't expect this gift....

I couldn't accept it at first....

Then it turned into lots of tears..

I kept asking God.. why me?

Called my mum and I can't control myself again...I was so scared.

It made me started to think what should I do..

Am I learning in a wrong way?

I know no one can help me but myself.

I need to strengthen up and start flapping my wings again.

God,please guide me....

Monday, October 12, 2009

A grin in my brain

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Before the next wave of the peak,I am here again.

Nothing much.

Just some thoughts popping up in my mind that I should pay a visit to my blog.

Sweet memories:



the laughter

the cold night

the pair of warm hands

And I wait for another one.

Friday, October 9, 2009

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I want to breathe...

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I hope can evaporate into the air
and never come back again...
yeah,I screwed-up myself...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching up with?

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Catching up with OB.

I have a few sleepless night because of it and this also explains why I am here now.

My boyfriend could not understand why I can still look at prom photos in the midst of the busy workload.

Anyway what makes me to come to the blogsphere tonight?

It happened that this afternoon I exchanged my blog add with another girlfriend of mine.It really strikes me at that moment because I just realized that I have not been grooming my blog for quite a long time.Oh,my poor blog...but now I am coming back for you~tee hee~

And [Wake me up when September Ends] isn't effective for me.I am still going on with no direction sometimes.

I feel lazy to dress up to school.Its like getting lazier...gah...

I love the bag.Have to wait for another three,four weeks probably..

Till then.Rainy night.Wish myself sweet dreams.


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