Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long Time No See

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This is the place whereby I found the joy to relieve my tired soul.
Been to two different Methodist churches last weekend.
Indeed I am glad that in this big city
I still have nice places to worship Him
Our Father Almighty
Without Your guidance
I would not have come to this far
Looking back the journey behind me
I knew You were there
to guide me all the time
I fell down
You raise me up again
For You loved me so much
Teach me how to live a life
that can glorify Your name.

Met up with my lovely sister,Fenice.
Knowing that she and her husband have another new plan,
I am surprised at the same time happy for the two of you.
But deep inside my heart,
I still feel "bu she de"
because it means we cant meet up that often.
But anyway,
You will always be kept in my prayer.

I had made a visit to Kajang and taste the famous Kajang Satay.
Took this pic in front of the Kajang satay shop.
Miss me or not?
For missing in blogsphere for such a long time.
Please tell me you do.
And I will miss you back.
Till then.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miss me not?

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Back to the blogsphere,
I would say i missed writing here a lot.
My passion towards fashion seem to die off.
I need to update myself again soon.
Reviving soon.

How's life has been treating you all so far?
For me,there are surprises and challenges everyday.
Laughters N tears.
Basically I also made myself living in the company already.

Coming up I am really looking forward to the beach trip.
No bikinis.But i hope i can post some nice sunset photos.
So stay tune.
I know my readers number could be 0...
Will try to be rajin a little bit in keeping my blog alive.

Till then.
Just to let you know that Little Miss J is fine here.

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