Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello blogger

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Back to blogging.Before that,I have to confess that I lost the passion in blogging.
So here I am starting another two months holiday.Before this,lets just summarized what I have been doing recently.It all started from my friend's wedding>6 days of part time work>cousins visiting>my dear visiting me>.....
Time flies and when u look back the year of 2009 what do u gain or what do you lost,I hope for the one that u have lost maybe u can regain it back in the coming new year,for the one that you have gained,keep it and continue to move on with it..
For me I think I have to sit back and count each God's blessings.I know I am blessed to have so many friends,my dear every family members,and my beloved one.Since,there are still few more days before 2010 coming,we can grab the chance to do what we have not done yet,even just a simple greetings can also make another person's day.Facebook,emails,sms,and video call make the distance between everyone of us getting shorter.World has no boundary isn't it?
Signing off.Maybe back in a few days time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back in my loving home

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Eight hours of bus trip,mind and buttocks were suffering.
Today,the first day in Sibu,the weather is all day gloomy.
I know whats waiting behind still struggling whether to have part time job or not.
Now waiting for dinner time.
Great.I promised my dear not to have pig's life.
Well,tomorrow k,tomorrow I will be back on the track again...
Update soon again.

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