Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beauty Review 1: Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask

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My first time to do beauty review here.
No choice because I come across good stuff,so eager to share it here.

The Skin Food [ Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet]

Product Description:
This mask sheet can control enlarged pores and excessive sebum with peach extract and sake,Japanese fermented liquor.

My experience:
The first moment I took out the mask sheet,I am addicted to the peachy smell.The sake smell is not that strong though.Even my housemate was shouting in the living room saying that it smelled good.Haha.The amount of essence contained is adequate because it won't drip.
  • It has nice peachy smell (which I like).
  • I saw the pore minimizing effect (at least the pores seemed the effect is still there right)...
  • Not really pricey.It costed me RM11.90 if I have not mistaken.


  • Its very difficult for me to unfold the mask before applying it.
  • The mask sheet is abit too bit for my face.It doesnt stick very well to my face.

Ratings: 7.5/10

Overall,I guess continuation use of this mask can really improve the enlarged pores skin problem.

Seriously my skin has not much problem just the enlarged pores at the side of my nose is worrying me .

One more item added to my to-buy-list. ^^

Too bad I can't show the before and after photos.(Blame my phone camera).

Any mm who has been user of this mask feel free to comment ya...

Share share experience ma~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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On the way of pursuing my dream but along the way I need to give up some other things.Things that cannot be compared to eternal love.

He told me on the phone to give up.

I told him I need time.

Guess this time I have to compromise.

He is serious about it.

Lord,teach me to learn to be submissive.

Lord,teach me to learn to love everyone unconditionally like You.

Lord,teach me to be patient to wait and see the dream that he has promised me to come true.

Lord,teach me to learn not to regret for choosing this road.

(The Road not Taken suddenly popped up in my mind)

Lord,teach me to learn to have the courage to continue this journey.

Lord,I can't do anything but I pray that my prayer can move Your hands to help me.

Heart is aching.

Mind is not there.

I need a rest.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love Jazz-Do you?

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I am so obessed with her voice.Improvisations of the songs are just nice and she sang it as if no one has sang it before.

Julee Karen 「樹里かれん」

Well,feel free to check it out if you do love Jazz.I bet she won't disappoint you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kokeshi Dolls

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Came across these Japansese Dolls a.k.a. Kokeshi Dolls

Aren't they cute?Kawaiiness.Personally,I love the third doll.

Originated from Tohoku Japan,these dolls represent their aesthetic value of arts and the fne craftmanship.


I just found out that

I had the Kokeshi dolls hairstyle when I was young...funny

Me in the middle (From Left:Jacky,Me,Sharon)

Currently love:

Jill Stuart.Rosebullet.爱情雨.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Doctor Day

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Spent RM77 just going to see the doctor.
My heart shattered in pieces because I didn't expect the medication fee to be so expensive.
I mean my sickness is just flu.But for the sake of my health I have to pay.
Sigh Sigh~
Just pray that I can recover soon after eating the medicine prescribed by the doctor.
I have assignments awaiting me ahead.
So indeed what I lost during these few sick days is time.....which cannot be measured nor be bought back.
Applying sick leave tomorrow...
Please pray for me.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sick Days...Oiyoyo

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I HATE BEING SICK..grrrr....

I am wrapping myself in a few layers of clothes while typing this post.Really don't understand why I fall sick at this moment.Fortunately,I just passed my very stressful peak week which is this week.Haih haih haih....I went to town to buy medicine this afternoon cause my fever started at this morning.Look what I got for myself....




My fav mags..If my bf found out he would kill me again.I bought Jasmine for the first time but for Vivi..I am their loyal reader.It is very hard to get the latest version in Sarawak here tho...Hmmph..not fair not fair...
So they accompany me while I rest in the bed.
Fyi,I am very sweaty now.
Hope the fever will go off soon.
Current song: 蔡健雅 RuO NI pEnG dAO Ta

Well,Wiena about the previous birthday post.It goes like this...
It has been along time since I went for hang out.
Its Wiena's birthday party.
The food was nice,and the atmosphere was high.
hehe..that night I was a single lady.
and the last sentence I think you can understand e...

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