Saturday, June 27, 2009

Word of the day-Distance

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I hate distance...
Long distance makes the feeling of missing someone grows stronger and stronger each day...
I wish I could decrease the distance level to 0 .
*Blerk.Just another day talking nonsense here..

Btw,in 3 hours time,I am going to board the plane and here comes KK...Wuhoo..

Sabah a.k.a. "The Land Below the Wind" is one of my favourite travelling destination.I really hope that this trip turn out to be fun cuz its a self planned 6d5n trip.

My destination:
One Borneo Hypermall
Mt Kinabalu
Poring Hot Spring
Sapi Island
& etc etc....

Dont want to feel so excited first.You know its always like this..the more excited you are,the more disappointment you get.Just see how it goes then.

Monday, June 22, 2009


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Have been staying at home for 2 days already.It feels so nice to be at home.
I have TV to accompany me,and most importantly beauty sleep~~
Well ,counting down..4 days to go for my KK trip..YEPI!!!!

Gonna shop but I have to cancel my diet plan..T_T....

Happy Holiday to all the Curtinians...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Well,hey all the shopaholics out there please watch this movie.
See how the Green Scarf Girl juggling between fashion,love,and friendship.

I am so glad I have self control compare to her and that my parents didnt give me a credit card(but I wish I do have one or two cards at least.We all know its magic card btw.LOL)

I ever dreamt of having Marc Jacobs,Jill Stuart,Nine West,Jimmy Choo,Manolo Blahnik,Hermes,Armani,Vera Wang,Miu Miu,Prada,LOEWE,you name it.All of that could be every girls dream.But when it comes to friendship,honesty,the values will be different,totally different.

Personally,I am addcited to sale .The words S-A-L-E is so so attracting that I would stop at the display window for a few minutes.I feel the urge to go into the shop and have a look.EVEN JUST HAVE A LOOK.Believe me I can shop for all days if I have money(that's what all girls said right?).My mum used to call me a material girl honest to say.Yeah,this is I did decide not to marry and remain single just to be a shopaholic.Isnt it very absurd?until until I met love.Its not story telling time anyway what I say is real Love.It is above everything.Haha.Ironic.

But I did tone down alot...and nowadays I dont go to mall just to avoid over obsession with spring dress.Let see how long it could work?

The shopaholic world is crazy even the mannequin could talk to you...can you imagine that?Its in the movie.

I love the soundtrack so much.

Spotted these online.I can shop at home too.....From bohemian style,casual,cute.....its even more convenience.

Still,shopping addiction couldnt be curbed.But dont let it controls your life~
Now listening:
Back into you-Amber Davis

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All about Final Exam~Day 1

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My first exam finally commenced today.
Today 's paper is Marketing Research 200 at 12.15pm.
I need prayers.
I need supply of wisdom from God.
All the best to myself and
Good luck to all my dear friends

Just remember~In God All Things Are Possible.

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