Monday, March 30, 2009


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Saturday, March 21, 2009


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I love you all!

I know this is random from me.But no harm right?
Experiencing the freedom of expression.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tibits of my recent life

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After going through three continuously non stop study week,today finally I have time to sit down to write a post here.

I have finally booked my flight to KK which is in June..might as well go to Labuan too to meet up with Yvonne.. ^^

Recently,I am in love with Louis Pang Studio.A talented photographer and amazed every pair of married couple with his superb artworks.

An award winning piece ..
one of my fav too.
Another creative piece

Another one is France Taipei .
I couldnt get some of the photos to show here because all the albums are in Adobe Flash format.
You guys can check out the website.Very nice de o~~

So i have been indulging myself in wedding photos so far.Haha..
Doing some market research most probably.
That's all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am in sch

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First time blogging in school using my own pc.
Dealing with presentation again which is this coming thursday*cross fingers*
The weather is 60%sunny,40%cloudy.( I like percentage)
I just hope everything will be fine.
I just hope that my stress level could be decreased.
I just hope that I have energy to face everyday's challenge.
I just hope that God can spare me more time.
I just hope that I could buy time and health.
I just hope that I could have wisdom.
Leaving or escaping or just let it be isnt a smart choice.
God,tell me what should I do..
The princess is undergoing Depression* condition...
Alright,back to work..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Appearing again

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All reds..just got this photo from my aunty las week.

Again,its me back to the blogsphere.

Just the second week of the school,I can tell you the stress level is unbearable.

Sustainability,Jobs Description,Causal research,Foreign Direct Entry...bla bla bla..those are the current words playing in my brain.

I need a way to release my stress.No need to pop up in my mind.*Evil grins*

Spending less time with my dear,makes me miss him more..well both are really busy which is what we have already foreseen.We both owing each other time i guess and someday gonna replace it back.

My new met friends,a pair of lovely couple.Wesley and Mako.Its my pleasure to meet them.Both are talented.Wesley is from Bintulu and Mako is from Taiwan.Interesting couple..Mako invited me to visit Taiwan someday.Only with one condition,that means I have to start feeding my piggy bank..

Me,M3i M3i,Wesley and Mako

One of my fav pic...

The four beauties..^^

Not much to blog as life is getting busier,I feel better sometimes if I live in my own little castle.

=The End=

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