Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blank Talk

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Honestly speaking I am getting lazier to blog nowadays.

Started this blog since uni and until now, I noticed a lot of my friends closed their blogs ever since they graduated or moved on to the next step in their life.

Today I am here sitting and write nothing. I am really running out of ideas to write.Life has became more or less a routine for me, especially after three years of working. 

No more shopping spree at the mall during weekend.
No more friends hangouts at specialty cafes. Even if there is, that would be one or twice per month.
All I do is lay in the bed and sleep whole day round.

It's the end of June and we are going to welcome the next half of the year in another day.

Am I going down the right path? I don't know yet and time will tell someday.

Am thinking of closing down this blog as readers are getting lesser.The inconsistency usage of language, inconsistency of blog updates kept me thinking it's about time.

But I haven't made up my mind yet. I will share about my blog closure, if I am really doing it.

Till then.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I am - Project Planner

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We need to plan for certain things in life. Be it our career, relationship, financial status and etc.

In fact, there are so many things which we need to look into. 

I am currently slowly embarking into new direction in life.

Things aren't smooth sailing at times. I can't control it but I believe God is in control.

He has provided me with a physical shoulder on the earth. The shoulder has became my main source of warmth and support ever since then.

In fact, I am blessed.Though the road is kinda tough, he never fails to cheer me up, never fails to give me encouragement.His calm and soothing voice puts me to sleep every night.

I should be a stronger project planner.At least, I never give up learning to be one.

But the one on top of me, He - The Universe Project Manager has destined my paths on the earth.

Abba Father, thanks for everything. Although a lot of times, I cracked my head and had millions thoughts running in my mind trying to figure out why certain things happened.Please continue to guide me so that I don't become a lost sheep. Keep me patient so that I can wait for the good things to come.

I am vulnerable to alot of things on this Earth.Sometimes I feel weak too.You who watches me from above, may You continue to bless me with wisdoms to differentiate the good and evil things around me.

Till then.

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