Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A new try

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That is the before and after photo of Little Miss J.
Wanted to blog about the event but I have to much photos scattering around.
It takes time for me to collect them back.
Its her first time dying her hair into ash brown,she never dye her hair before.
Its a new try and she is assuming that this is a good change for turning 21.
Am living with the hair colour now.
Kinda not use to it at first cause it caught attention.maybe its a great change on me.
But now,I am slowly loving my hair colour.
I am calling myself a Japanese Doll.
Am on the journey on improving myself.
I mean who doesn't want to be pretty?
So let's be pretty together <3

I love keeping sweet memories and the amount is growing.
Am loving the warmth and everything.
But one day if it overflows,I will try to erase some away,the unnecessary one.

Monday, September 27, 2010


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I was in the school lab at this moment.Life has been busy and I also deleted my previous pre typed post.I dont know what to write,what to say these days.So much struggling moments which I don't think I can take them easily.Mind is blank.

When people grew up,they tend to change.Including me.
Last night they threw me a suprise birthday party,I was surprised.
At the same time,I just noticed I am getting older.As in turning into a real adult this time.
It has been not easy for me.
My mindset is very different from last time.
For everything that I have done or said,I can't think twice anymore.I need to think multiple times and be responsible for myself.
Still confused with the journey ahead of me.
Tired mind,tired soul.

Okay,back to reality again.
Maybe there is something wrong with me?
I want a break.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep7

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Aloha readers,
I am back from long hiatus.
Coming back with my favourites.
My mad loves.
The maxi dress

p/s:Photos credit to Lookbook.

#1. Simple black maxi

#2.Grey maxi
I got exactly the same piece too~

#3. Purple stripe maxi from H&M
I am a purple lover.
Purple + White
Candy colour.

#4.Floral maxi from Zara
I love bohemian style
I wanna try it out someday.
Isn't it a beautiful piece?

#5.Another stripe maxi again.
But this time its black and white.

And that's me in a maxi dress =)
I need to be skinnier.

Bought this floral dress/long top online a few weeks ago.
A pre loved item.

Till then.

With Love,
Little Miss J

Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 = Loves

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Shopping stuff at the early of the September.
  1. Greyish colour jeans.Thanks to David the fashion stylist cum advisor.
  2. Acid wash jeans.Finally!!
  3. Two singlets which the colours are nice and easy to match.SUPER cheap and comes with quality.
  4. Yoghurt.My all time favourite.yummy yummy <3

Yours truly,
Lil Miss J

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hectic One~

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Yes,it has been a hectic week for me.
But P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-I-O-N mode is always there.
Works are piling up.
So far,I have submitted 2 assignments.
I am not sure how have I been doing.
*cross fingers*

I guess you would have figure out that I am here to pour out my feelings again.
The feelings is unknown.
I wanna a GetAway..Far far away.
Bali would be a great destination.And so with Maldives.
Perhaps,Bangkok/Taiwan would be nice too.

Have been gaining weight.And I don't know how to lose those fats from me.
Nothing much to say here.As I am tired..

I wish my friends are doing well in everything.

Nothing much to say.
Basically I am just here for the sake of updating the blog.

Till then.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Newly Bought

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Hello readers,
how's life so far?
We are entering the month of September.
Its a good month for me
even though its going to be a busy month,
cause I am a September baby.

Nope he is not my newly bought item.
Its just a recent photo of me & him.
Quarrelling moments were over.
Vitamins for a relationship.
Journey of L-O-V-E.

Loreal Sunblock + Maybelline Volum Express Mascara
Not really expensive products
as I am a budget buyer.
Gonna try'em on soon.
(Ignore my nail,forgot to remove
the remaining torn off nail colour)

3 Bioglo products in a row
from Cosway.
From Left:
Goats Milk Conditioner
Brightening Body Lotion
Hair Fortifying Shampoo

I bought it a long time ago.
Hand Lotion from Daiso
Its super cheap
but nice
maybe because of the Q10 content?
Gonna do some research about it.

Wish I could do some reviews on the products
that I have bought in future.
Hope that I will keep my promises, dear readers.
If you happened to purchase the same products as mine,
feel free to share with me your experience using them too.

Important dates for September:
9/9 Vampire Diaries SE.2
13/9 Gossip Girl SE.4
18/9 Curtin Open Day(Hair Show)
21/9 Curtin Career Fair
30/9 My 21st birthday

Exciting month right?
=Till then=

A lil note:
Am happy that I actually starting to have some random readers who left comments and some silent readers.Many thanks for your visits and comments too.I appreciated them and I am motivated to keep on writing my blog.Hope the readers number could keep on going UP ^^

With love,
Little Miss J

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