Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying to piece myself back

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I don't know where is my position for the past few days.
I felt so separated.
Especially when the others are better than me and they are getting those favouritism.
Ouch...its hurting....
I sound so jealousy here I know.
I can't tame my heart...

I knew I dreamt big.
I wish to enter the industry where I am under the spotlight of the public,an industry that has something to do with glam and fame.
I wish to enter the industry whereby I can fly on the sky,travel to different kind of places and serving people in a beautiful and polite manner all the time.
Could you get a hint what I always wanted to be?


There is one major constraint.My height.
I am 153cm if I have not mistaken or max I have is 155cm.
Who would ever consider you, when you don't even have the height.
Unlike appearance,I can do something about my appearance if I don't look good.
Perhaps make up,perhaps plastic surgery.
But with height issue,nothing can be done to increase my height right?
The reality is so cruel that sometimes it doesn't allow you to get a try even once.
What to do..accept the fact and wake up girl!*slap mysef* for being so thick face.

I wish to organize my own fashion show one day and all my models are 150cm to 160cm tall.
I am not kidding.I really wanted to.
I want to give an opportunity to the girls out there who have the same similar height like me to have a chance to step their foot on the runway.
Why the industry always left them/me out?even beauty pageant events too.
Its is so unfair.hmmph...

Basically the above are my personal opinions.
I do not mean to attack anyone.
I have rights to pour out my mind here right?

=Till then=In piecing myself back mode.

Current Fav Playlist:
  1. All Time Low - The Wanted
  2. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
  3. The Saltwater Room - Owl City
  4. What You Waiting For - Mizz Nina feat.Colby
  5. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
  6. Only One - Alex Band
  7. 玩爱之徒 - Jolin Tsai
  8. Round & Round - Selena Gomez & The Scene
  9. 坏了 - 张芸京
  10. Whataya want from Me - Adam Lambert

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here and There

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The birthday girl is the first one from right.
Jacqueline Ting Ai Ling
Happy 21st to you <3

Had a great night partying with the church friends.
Its funny to look at the guys turn reddish after 1-2 cups of vodka.

I can feel that we are on the edge of the cliff.
Two person with two different perspectives.
Heart and Mind still searching the love the exist between us initially.
After today things will be different.
I will be stronger,tougher.
Will learn to hold back my tears more.

Five years from now where I will be?
I look forward to future and at the same time afraid about it.
Many don't knowS.


Little Miss J

Monday, August 23, 2010

I don't deserve all this

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She always believes in love.The kind of love which is sweet and romantic.

But as she slowly learnt,she knew that she really doesn't deserve all this.

This could be because she is a shallow thinking girl and she not practical enough.

Deep inside her heart there is always part of her wanted to be pampered like a princess.

But she knew its impossible and each and every time she would swallow the dream to wake up.

Every time she broke down and cry...she hates myself.

Cause she doesn't mean to use her tears as weapon.

She blames myself.

She knows he is having a bad day because of her and she felt sorry for him.

Cause she is the volcano.And its just unfortunately he settled down on this volcano.

She is an active volcano.

Important days mean nothing that is what he taught her.

From today onwards,she would be someone and not her true self.

She wished that she is a wood puppet because puppet is submissive and has no feelings.

No anger,no hatred,and no crying which is practical.

She doesn't ask for much compare to other girls.

But maybe what she should do is never ask again.

Accept only whatever he gives and even he doesn't, don't ask.

Greed,selfish are those words she used to describe herself.

She is wrong since from the beginning.Never has done a good thing.

He has completed all his responsibility.

Its all her fault.

The road is nowhere to be gone.

How far it is?

=Adapted from a volcano's heart=

Issue #1

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I need to start monitoring my weight.

Guess what 3+kg is still my ideal weight.yes?no?

And yes,today is the day.No more dragging.

Be a real girl please-----> to myself

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fashionista Love-Ep6

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I love FTV.FTV actually stands for fashiontv fyi.
So this is where I spent my free time.
Watching the runway show.

These three chosen video clips below are :


I dont know how up to date it is...but....

Hope you enjoy watching~Especially girls~ ^ ^

First part

Second part

Third part

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And I do heart 'em

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Should have blogged about this early of the semester.
But you know human just tend to procrastinate---> Me.
Some more I just got all the photos few days ago.
Did some editing to the photos.Playing with photoscape again.
Instead of having 3 house mates,now only left 2.
Two moved out,one moved in.
Well,I still having great time living with them under one roof.
The new member is a girl from KK.
I would describe her as Fun,Loving,Outgoing,Helpful,Cute....

Photo taken by our friend,Bo.
A night at KFC during a friend's birthday celebration.
Front row from left:Mei Mei,Jamie(new house mate)

A random afternoon we spent in Pizza Hut
Somehow we become the background of the dining set.haha.
To me,this pic is still artistic in some way.

Alright I had to admit that my polka dots blouse somehow
blended well with the moo moo cow car seat cover.. xD

Girls in action.
We were all got caught by camera in an unaware condition.
Funny isn't it?

A random night at Startbucks.
Us having fun playing with wedding photoshoot pose.

Thanks for the caring moments.
I heart the girls talk we have.
Thanks for willing to embrace each other's weaknesses.
Give thanks to God for two of you being my lovely house mates.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

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This post is especially dedicated to


Happy Birthday 21st to you,Girl~
After years,glad that I had the chance to
celebrate your birthday in advance
together with other friends.
Stay gorgeous always

Fashionista Love-Ep5

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Resuming the Fashionista Love Eps.
This time I am coming back with the looks I have collected from Lookbook again.
The chosen one of course are my likes.
I would say simplicity is nice too~

My Likes: The lacey top,wedges

This is what I called simplicity.

Blacknism.My most favourite among all.
I like everything on her.

The colour is nice.Agree?
I wonder is it olive green or what actually the colour is?
Can someone tell me?
And a simple white top I would say is a must item in your wardrobe.
Got it?

p/s: Source from Lookbook.
Stay tune for the next one.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Take it off

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She is currently busy with

  1. studies
  2. trying to make herself to have more social life instead of isolating herself
  3. series marathon with The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars
  4. working out
  5. making her life more interesting
  6. trying hard to be a good good girl
  7. time management
  8. waiting for GG Season 4
  9. etc etc

She is missing out on the Fashionista Love Eps.

Will come back soon.


Little Miss J

Sunday, August 1, 2010


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