Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello blogger

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Back to blogging.Before that,I have to confess that I lost the passion in blogging.
So here I am starting another two months holiday.Before this,lets just summarized what I have been doing recently.It all started from my friend's wedding>6 days of part time work>cousins visiting>my dear visiting me>.....
Time flies and when u look back the year of 2009 what do u gain or what do you lost,I hope for the one that u have lost maybe u can regain it back in the coming new year,for the one that you have gained,keep it and continue to move on with it..
For me I think I have to sit back and count each God's blessings.I know I am blessed to have so many friends,my dear every family members,and my beloved one.Since,there are still few more days before 2010 coming,we can grab the chance to do what we have not done yet,even just a simple greetings can also make another person's day.Facebook,emails,sms,and video call make the distance between everyone of us getting shorter.World has no boundary isn't it?
Signing off.Maybe back in a few days time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back in my loving home

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Eight hours of bus trip,mind and buttocks were suffering.
Today,the first day in Sibu,the weather is all day gloomy.
I know whats waiting behind still struggling whether to have part time job or not.
Now waiting for dinner time.
Great.I promised my dear not to have pig's life.
Well,tomorrow k,tomorrow I will be back on the track again...
Update soon again.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Meet me halfway

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Tomorrow will be my last day working in the day care.Abit reluctant but also feel relieved at the same time.Do you know its not easy to take care of kids some more 1 to 4 years old kids.But throughout the whole thing,I learnt how to change diapers for babies,how to put them to sleep,how to stop them from crying,bla bla bla ..It is not easy to be a mummy,honest to say.Sometimes they go out of control too which is making a lot of noise,messed up the place,or play water at the sink...that are the times when they give me headache.Luckily tomorrow my dear is going to help me in the day care......
Today I had a fight with him which was like early in the morning when I hasn't wash up.I know this is straight forward but I am not the type who hide my feelings from others. I told him there must be a rainbow after a storm.And so we get to have a good day out for shopping and eating.Fighting,making up=routines for couple?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Eleventh

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Can't believe that we are on the 11th month.
Happy 11th Monthsary to you dear....
I choose to edit the photo above mainly because
we took the photos for each other
but both taken at different places
there may have bitterness and sweetness in our life
and we will still hold on to each other's hands
no matter what happen.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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Continuously three papers
I studied.
The war of exams start start from tomorrow.
God please grant me wisdom and faith in You.
See you all after the three days.

Promised post.
Night and off to Sweet dreams.
Good luck to all Curtin Students.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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最近爱上了这一部戏: 拜托小姐.
内容我就不说了.. google 找一找很多的.....嘿嘿

很爱这一首~I LOve You~一定要听的。。 




Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The days had just gone

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Good morning Earth...

Started off my Thursday morning with blogging...

Time flies isn't it?I can't capture it so do everyone.Day after days I am growing older.

Well Study free week is just around the corner which means exam is coming soon.

The days to exam= The days left that I can see my dear*sob*sob

Next update will be a picture post.I have lots of picture that I need to sort out and to share.

I gained weight.This is not a good sign as I have a few weddings to attend during the holiday..The wedding bells are ringing.Thus, I have to workout to fit into my dresses.

Exam stress = increase in shopping frequency (quoted from Agnes,a random blogger).I totally agree with it!!!yeah,there is this urge start forming in my shopping nature.

Coming up:
  1. Daily revision
  2. 31/10/09 Borneo Rainforest Day Trip
  3. 2/11/09 Volunteer in PBK at Piasau
  4. 2/11/09 Graduation for my 1 and the 1/2 year Disciple Class

I will update the next post don't know when.

Till then..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Over My Head

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Am in love with this song the first moment I heard it.So calming...
Its just another afternoon while I was doing my work and searching for my new songs when I found it.*jumping with Happiness*.Haha.

The world is all changing
I can’t believe my own eyes
The moment I think I’ve figured it out
I am flawed

I’m not to sure
Of myself this time

I’m in over my head
And all I have is you now
I’m in over my head
And all I am is holding on to you

I can’t see the way now
But this one thing I know
When every thing’s changing
You’re still closer than a friend
And so I will bow
And my heart will trust

I’m in over my head
And all I have is you now
I’m in over my head
And all I am is holding on to you

I’ll never let you go

I’m in over my head
And all I have is you now
I’m in over my head
And all I have, all I have, is holding on to you

Hope you enjoy it too...

Yes.I am recovered...Thanksforalltheconcernandloveonesaroundme.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


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The failure makes me wake up..

I didn't expect this gift....

I couldn't accept it at first....

Then it turned into lots of tears..

I kept asking God.. why me?

Called my mum and I can't control myself again...I was so scared.

It made me started to think what should I do..

Am I learning in a wrong way?

I know no one can help me but myself.

I need to strengthen up and start flapping my wings again.

God,please guide me....

Monday, October 12, 2009

A grin in my brain

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Before the next wave of the peak,I am here again.

Nothing much.

Just some thoughts popping up in my mind that I should pay a visit to my blog.

Sweet memories:



the laughter

the cold night

the pair of warm hands

And I wait for another one.

Friday, October 9, 2009

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I want to breathe...

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I hope can evaporate into the air
and never come back again...
yeah,I screwed-up myself...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching up with?

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Catching up with OB.

I have a few sleepless night because of it and this also explains why I am here now.

My boyfriend could not understand why I can still look at prom photos in the midst of the busy workload.

Anyway what makes me to come to the blogsphere tonight?

It happened that this afternoon I exchanged my blog add with another girlfriend of mine.It really strikes me at that moment because I just realized that I have not been grooming my blog for quite a long time.Oh,my poor blog...but now I am coming back for you~tee hee~

And [Wake me up when September Ends] isn't effective for me.I am still going on with no direction sometimes.

I feel lazy to dress up to school.Its like getting lazier...gah...

I love the bag.Have to wait for another three,four weeks probably..

Till then.Rainy night.Wish myself sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beauty Review 1: Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask

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My first time to do beauty review here.
No choice because I come across good stuff,so eager to share it here.

The Skin Food [ Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet]

Product Description:
This mask sheet can control enlarged pores and excessive sebum with peach extract and sake,Japanese fermented liquor.

My experience:
The first moment I took out the mask sheet,I am addicted to the peachy smell.The sake smell is not that strong though.Even my housemate was shouting in the living room saying that it smelled good.Haha.The amount of essence contained is adequate because it won't drip.
  • It has nice peachy smell (which I like).
  • I saw the pore minimizing effect (at least the pores seemed the effect is still there right)...
  • Not really pricey.It costed me RM11.90 if I have not mistaken.


  • Its very difficult for me to unfold the mask before applying it.
  • The mask sheet is abit too bit for my face.It doesnt stick very well to my face.

Ratings: 7.5/10

Overall,I guess continuation use of this mask can really improve the enlarged pores skin problem.

Seriously my skin has not much problem just the enlarged pores at the side of my nose is worrying me .

One more item added to my to-buy-list. ^^

Too bad I can't show the before and after photos.(Blame my phone camera).

Any mm who has been user of this mask feel free to comment ya...

Share share experience ma~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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On the way of pursuing my dream but along the way I need to give up some other things.Things that cannot be compared to eternal love.

He told me on the phone to give up.

I told him I need time.

Guess this time I have to compromise.

He is serious about it.

Lord,teach me to learn to be submissive.

Lord,teach me to learn to love everyone unconditionally like You.

Lord,teach me to be patient to wait and see the dream that he has promised me to come true.

Lord,teach me to learn not to regret for choosing this road.

(The Road not Taken suddenly popped up in my mind)

Lord,teach me to learn to have the courage to continue this journey.

Lord,I can't do anything but I pray that my prayer can move Your hands to help me.

Heart is aching.

Mind is not there.

I need a rest.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love Jazz-Do you?

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I am so obessed with her voice.Improvisations of the songs are just nice and she sang it as if no one has sang it before.

Julee Karen 「樹里かれん」

Well,feel free to check it out if you do love Jazz.I bet she won't disappoint you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kokeshi Dolls

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Came across these Japansese Dolls a.k.a. Kokeshi Dolls

Aren't they cute?Kawaiiness.Personally,I love the third doll.

Originated from Tohoku Japan,these dolls represent their aesthetic value of arts and the fne craftmanship.


I just found out that

I had the Kokeshi dolls hairstyle when I was young...funny

Me in the middle (From Left:Jacky,Me,Sharon)

Currently love:

Jill Stuart.Rosebullet.爱情雨.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Doctor Day

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Spent RM77 just going to see the doctor.
My heart shattered in pieces because I didn't expect the medication fee to be so expensive.
I mean my sickness is just flu.But for the sake of my health I have to pay.
Sigh Sigh~
Just pray that I can recover soon after eating the medicine prescribed by the doctor.
I have assignments awaiting me ahead.
So indeed what I lost during these few sick days is time.....which cannot be measured nor be bought back.
Applying sick leave tomorrow...
Please pray for me.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sick Days...Oiyoyo

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I HATE BEING SICK..grrrr....

I am wrapping myself in a few layers of clothes while typing this post.Really don't understand why I fall sick at this moment.Fortunately,I just passed my very stressful peak week which is this week.Haih haih haih....I went to town to buy medicine this afternoon cause my fever started at this morning.Look what I got for myself....




My fav mags..If my bf found out he would kill me again.I bought Jasmine for the first time but for Vivi..I am their loyal reader.It is very hard to get the latest version in Sarawak here tho...Hmmph..not fair not fair...
So they accompany me while I rest in the bed.
Fyi,I am very sweaty now.
Hope the fever will go off soon.
Current song: 蔡健雅 RuO NI pEnG dAO Ta

Well,Wiena about the previous birthday post.It goes like this...
It has been along time since I went for hang out.
Its Wiena's birthday party.
The food was nice,and the atmosphere was high.
hehe..that night I was a single lady.
and the last sentence I think you can understand e...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its still alive

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This blog is still alive.

[Wiena]:I will translate it for you next week..I promise ^^

Photo of the day:

Edited by:Miss JyinG


Monday, August 17, 2009

Touch My Hand

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Today was indeed a very tiring day for me again.Going out to school at 10.30am. and I am just back home an hour ago.Basically for the whole day,what I do was attended a class and then had a group discussion with my group members for MOS 311.After that,we went for a field research at Marie France Bodyline.Well,throughout the whole process,I was so tempted to sign up for the sessions.Now,$$$ is the main issue.Hehe.Gonna work hard and reward myself for that in future.Hope my dear will approve to let me sign up for it by that time.Since Marie France is located in Bintang so we went to the newly opened shop >>>*drum roll*>>>Sushi King for dinner .Haha.Nothing to boast about but I am so full with the meal.The food there were just okay to me.Compare to Excapade Sushi...of course Excapade Sushi is"mou dak ding"a ..even though me myself havent try it before.The taxi driver even told us Kuala Belait one is the nicest.Hmm...gonna ask my Brunei friend about it.Besides that,we did a little bit of shopping.Guess what I bought today.

Its a hair band.Wohoo.I lurvv hair bands and I used to have a nickname called as the "hairband girl" and that was when I was in foundation.Now...I think I feel like going back to those days.

The lastest photo that I was playing with.Taken a few days ago together with Mei Mei who is currently,my housemate and ex primary+secondary school mate.I know I am not a pro in photo editing.But I enjoy the editing process.Can anyone share with me how to learn to edit nice photo??I would love to learn from you.

Tomorrow we are getting nearer...
kinda sleepy now..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wiena's Birthday Bash

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好旧没有去hang out了..



嘿嘿..当晚我是single lady

dear dear 还在Kuching 呢


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I am renovating my blog again.
It is cacat I know but I will renovate it bit by bit.
I am sure until one day I will complete it.

Recently,I just found out that the word "friendship" is not in everyone's dictionary.
This is life isn't it?

Pic of the day :
I called it:

"My Lovely Backyard".
Got it somewhere online.

School days are full of fun and misery.
I can't imagine I have been walking and take bus to school for three years,under the hot scorching sun,through rainy days,sometimes stray dogs will follow my trail...I have to sacrifice my sleep just to catch the bus.My skin consumes an excessive amount of sunlight and it has been complaining by showing its "dark face" to me.Yes,I am dark.

I miss blue sky.
What is my métier in future?
Random and yet that is me.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

No title

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They are all in my wish list now.
Some random words I have learnt for the past few days.
sui generis
I love for the WOD.
I don't know if I could bear with the nine days when you are away.
I really need to get rid of my princess temperament.
Somehow I hate social life recently.Sigh...people are complicated.
My smile is fading.
And I am having problems with blogspot.
Why the words are not in the position that I want??
I have a phobia of this semester.Life has been very busy.
I feel bad about myself.
God and my dear's arm are my hiding place...

Night.I gotta put myself to bed before my pimples pop out again...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our 7th Monthsary

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Its a special day for both of us.
Even though I am not by his side to celebrate together with him but my heart is with him now.
Till then.
Am going back to Miri tomorrow.

p/s: The above is one of my fav pic ^^
Photo credits to Uncle.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Potato Day

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Today I eat sweet potato for two meals.So nice~~.
Mummy knows that I love sweet potato and she bought a lot.
Too bad my camera in my handphone couldnt work anymore and that expains why I hav less update and less picture.T_T
I promised the KK trip post but I havent figure it out how to share my story.
3 days to go~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coconut Pudding

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This is the coconut pudding that I tried during the trip.
The size of the pudding is the same with the size of the coconut.So can you imagine how big it is?
Usually the pudding that we eat is really sweet and you can't take too much one but this coconut pudding,the sweetness is just good or I should say"ngam ngam hou".haha.(I dont know I should use which words to describe)
Its very cheap too.I think one coconut is RM2~Rm3.50.A must try o.
That day I shared one coconut with my housemate ,Tien Tien.
If I was not saving my stomach for the lunch,I think I can finish one coconut pudding too.
So next time,I would go back for that coconut pudding again.
For those who likes coconut flavour,you will definitely love it.
*Thumbs Up*

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Saturday, July 4, 2009


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I luv this pic and its taken by myself.Non-edited version.
That was on the day 5 of the trip.
Just a short preview.
I will find time to update about the trip.Kinda lazy seiously.hehe.
Feel free to leave a comment if this photo is nice..Thanks

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Word of the day-Distance

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I hate distance...
Long distance makes the feeling of missing someone grows stronger and stronger each day...
I wish I could decrease the distance level to 0 .
*Blerk.Just another day talking nonsense here..

Btw,in 3 hours time,I am going to board the plane and here comes KK...Wuhoo..

Sabah a.k.a. "The Land Below the Wind" is one of my favourite travelling destination.I really hope that this trip turn out to be fun cuz its a self planned 6d5n trip.

My destination:
One Borneo Hypermall
Mt Kinabalu
Poring Hot Spring
Sapi Island
& etc etc....

Dont want to feel so excited first.You know its always like this..the more excited you are,the more disappointment you get.Just see how it goes then.

Monday, June 22, 2009


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Have been staying at home for 2 days already.It feels so nice to be at home.
I have TV to accompany me,and most importantly beauty sleep~~
Well ,counting down..4 days to go for my KK trip..YEPI!!!!

Gonna shop but I have to cancel my diet plan..T_T....

Happy Holiday to all the Curtinians...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Well,hey all the shopaholics out there please watch this movie.
See how the Green Scarf Girl juggling between fashion,love,and friendship.

I am so glad I have self control compare to her and that my parents didnt give me a credit card(but I wish I do have one or two cards at least.We all know its magic card btw.LOL)

I ever dreamt of having Marc Jacobs,Jill Stuart,Nine West,Jimmy Choo,Manolo Blahnik,Hermes,Armani,Vera Wang,Miu Miu,Prada,LOEWE,you name it.All of that could be every girls dream.But when it comes to friendship,honesty,the values will be different,totally different.

Personally,I am addcited to sale .The words S-A-L-E is so so attracting that I would stop at the display window for a few minutes.I feel the urge to go into the shop and have a look.EVEN JUST HAVE A LOOK.Believe me I can shop for all days if I have money(that's what all girls said right?).My mum used to call me a material girl honest to say.Yeah,this is I did decide not to marry and remain single just to be a shopaholic.Isnt it very absurd?until until I met love.Its not story telling time anyway what I say is real Love.It is above everything.Haha.Ironic.

But I did tone down alot...and nowadays I dont go to mall just to avoid over obsession with spring dress.Let see how long it could work?

The shopaholic world is crazy even the mannequin could talk to you...can you imagine that?Its in the movie.

I love the soundtrack so much.

Spotted these online.I can shop at home too.....From bohemian style,casual,cute.....its even more convenience.

Still,shopping addiction couldnt be curbed.But dont let it controls your life~
Now listening:
Back into you-Amber Davis

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All about Final Exam~Day 1

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My first exam finally commenced today.
Today 's paper is Marketing Research 200 at 12.15pm.
I need prayers.
I need supply of wisdom from God.
All the best to myself and
Good luck to all my dear friends

Just remember~In God All Things Are Possible.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I miss those time..

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I miss those time..

when I stayed in Curtin Villa during foundation.I was the thinnest that time.40kg.New in school and was very excited about every classes.Wanting to know alot alot of friends.And ate crazily as I wanted to.Roti John..Beef burger,chicken burger,......

when you hug me tightly in your arms and never let me go.Hand in hand we walked on the beach.....

when I can hang out with my girlfriends and went shopping for the whole day.Even though just window shopping.

when I was celebrating my first birthday here in Miri and that was after prom during my foundaton year.I miss that gang of frens who really really sayang me because I am the youngest among them.I tried coffee bean cakes for the first time in my life.

when there is festival celebration in my family cuz its family bonding time and I got to enjoy good food.

when I could sleep for 8 hours everyday.

and so many when goes on...

how bout yours?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Came across this story while reading my emails..heart touching...share it with u guys...



Monday, May 25, 2009

Under construction

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I am currently changing my blog design..apologize for the inconvenience

Sunday, May 24, 2009


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Thanks dear for listening to my ramblings all the time.

We have gone through our first five months.

I Love You.

Happy 5th Monthsary to you and me !!


Thursday, May 7, 2009


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